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And yes, that Saints defense is still bad.

Can you imagine how fun a Cardinals/Steelers Superbowl would be ?

And the Broncos might leave Steel City with a few regrets.

We want OBJ and Josh Norman in the next UFC PPV.

In what might have been the Rams' last game in St Louis, they won in convincing fashion.

So your stud let you down...

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And the Giants are back in the NFC East title chase. 2007 2011 ... 2015 ?

Too bad JJ Watt can't play QB, right ?

And the Bengals are still the Bengals, right ? Well ... Not really.

A huge win for the Cards and Vikes now falls to 8-5, losing 3 out of last 4.

So you didn't make the playoffs...

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Redskins' winning streak came to an abrupt end.

So much about Seattle not being that team anymore. They are now heating up ... Watch out !