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The Giants are clearly the best team in baseball. I am still a huge Blue Jays believer. Cleveland finally has a winning record. Colorado continues their free fall. Where does your team land? Also, we look back on the baseball life of icon Don Zimmer. 

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On Saturday, June 7th 2014, three men used a helicopter to escape a detention center in Quebec. These men are still at large. ***These men have been caught***

Detroit's aces have been getting roughed up lately. Toronto has all of their big bats destroying the ball. Some big names land on the DL. This week I added a sell high and trade for section. Also this weeks games of the week are listed at the end. Pick ups and drops are included also. Injury updates.... Everything you need to win your fantasy week.

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The 2013 football season was full of surprises. The Chiefs won nine more games in 2013 than 2014. Denver scored more points than any team in NFL history, then got blown out in the Super Bowl. What will 2014 bring? Here we will take a look at three teams from each conference that did not make the playoffs in 2013 but have a good shot at making them in 2014!


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Preview and betting guide for Belmont day.

The speed of Billy Hamilton is changing the game for the Reds

The Giants remain the top team again this week. Toronto remains second as well. Houston and Boston take huge jumps this week. Colorado take a huge tumble. They are just awful on the road.

All the fantasy baseball information you need to make your team a winner.....unless none of the must starts are on your team...then that sucks.Weekly must starts, last weeks prime performers and rising and falling stars are all back. I also update my twitter daily with start of the day, bench of the day, pitcher spot starts and pick up of the week and drop of the week.


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San Francisco retakes the lead as the A's were swept by the Toronto Blue Jays. I am higher on the Blue Jays than most people. I believe in this team. Boston took a huge tumble in this weeks rankings as they have lost 10 games in a row. Every week the Cardinals are a little higher on this list. I expect them to be #1 at some point this season. Will the Dodgers ever play up to their expectations? Look for a second half surge much like last year.

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All the information you need to win this week in you fantasy baseball league. Hot starts, cold bats, and some ace's have two starts this week. Key injuries and pick up and drops of the week. Many top the top 100 players are still widely available because owners are afraid to trade/drop their under performing super star. It's not quite time to panic yet, but the time is coming soon. Rising and Falling Stars is Back!

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Everyone wants a piece of the pie

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Some guys are off to incredible years. Some guys just can't seem to get it together. There are five guys who stand out to me as studs so far and five guys who are major disappointments. This is all based on their pre-season ranking and average draft position.

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It’s the thing that almost led Mark Cuban to go to war against one of the most powerful companies in the sports world, it’s the thing that leaves a lot of people wondering how referees judged some plays at crunch time and, sadly, what leads people to question everything about professional basketball in the US.

I had a chance this week to talk to one of this year’s top prospects heading into the NHL Draft, Sonny Milano; a forward for the US NTDP program team based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.

We are almost through May and teams are starting to show if they will be contenders or not. Some teams have surprised us and some have disappointed us. Some of these teams will be in the race come September and some won't  Hopefully a dark horse teams makes a September run and surprises us all!


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Oakland takes the top spot again this week.The A's are on fire winning nine of their last ten. Detroit is starting to run away with the AL Central. 

This weeks article will be a little different than weeks past. I have found that this is the best way to bring you the information you need for this upcoming week of Fantasy Baseball. I have added the rising and falling stars that are normally found in the Power Rankings articles. I will save those for team news only. This will be player news only. ENJOY!


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