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In most leagues, this is a 2 week fantasy week. The MLB All-Star game is plopped right in the middle. Your pitchers are all going to have at least two starts. 

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As free agency keeps us all in suspense, watching Vegas odds move daily is another way to help forecast what your team may or may not be doing.

A loophole in the rule book has allowed MLB teams to protect certain prospects from being suspended for recreational drug use. That same rule is also being abused by prospects trying to get on a 40-man roster

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The A's regain the top spot. Milwaukee is right behind them. The Dodgers have finally caught the Giants. Will Colorado's fall ever end?


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The time has come to drop your underperforming stars. They have taken up a roster spot for too long! Many no name guys are just as good on your team. Each owner is unique in their approach to fantasy baseball. I provide you with all the information you may need to win; not matter what approach you take.

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This year’s draft will be especially interesting due to the fact that in the weeks leading up to it there have been many high quality players rumored to be traded such as Jason Spezza and Ryan Kesler (Traded to Anaheim). If you add that to the fact that it is widely considered a weaker draft, you have a very tough draft to predict outside of the consensus top five, which seem to be a lock at this point, but you never know. This will no doubt be an interesting draft with tons of movement, so check out my mock draft and explanations below!

The NBA Draft is tonight. Many teams have been wheeling and dealing all day trying to make trades and pick up extra picks. This is how I see it going as it stands right now. I anticipate many trades and that will affect the outcome and who will be drafted where. If there are no trades of picks at all tonight, this is how I see the draft playing out

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Money Mayweather has been known over the years as being one of the best boxers of all time as well as an avid bettor. This time, yet again, he goes big ... on Cleveland?

Milwaukee has regained the top spot in this weeks Power Rankings. It really is a coin flip between the Brewers and the A's for the best team in MLB. The Rockies continue to plummet and the Reds are Red hot. 

You can find everything you need to win your fantasy baseball week in one place. This article has must starts, guys who are heating up, guys to trade for and guys to sell high on. It also has categorized stats and rising and falling stars. Pick up and drop of the week is back!

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Who deserves to be an All-Star is not always who ends up an All-Star. The fans vote in teh starters, the players vote in the back-ups and the managers fill in the rest of the spots except the final fan vote. I have listed who I think deserve to be starting in teh All-Star game as well as current vote leaders.


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Oakland is back on top. The Royals make a huge leap after winning 7 in a row. The Reds are finally healthy. Colorado may be back on track after sweeping the Giants

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All the fantasy baseball information you need to win your week found in one place!

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Group G at this year's World Cup in Brazil is widely regarded as the "group of death"; featuring two of the top five ranked teams in the world in Germany (2) and Portugal (4), as well as the United States, who are ranked 13th. Ghana, the 37th in the FIFA rankings, rounds out the group.

On paper they are likely to have a very short stay in Brazil, only two teams from each group advance out of group play, and the US is clearly the third best team in Group G. So how can the United States, realistically, find its way out of this very difficult group and in the knockout stage of the World Cup?

The Giants are clearly the best team in baseball. I am still a huge Blue Jays believer. Cleveland finally has a winning record. Colorado continues their free fall. Where does your team land? Also, we look back on the baseball life of icon Don Zimmer. 

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On Saturday, June 7th 2014, three men used a helicopter to escape a detention center in Quebec. These men are still at large. ***These men have been caught***

Detroit's aces have been getting roughed up lately. Toronto has all of their big bats destroying the ball. Some big names land on the DL. This week I added a sell high and trade for section. Also this weeks games of the week are listed at the end. Pick ups and drops are included also. Injury updates.... Everything you need to win your fantasy week.

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The 2013 football season was full of surprises. The Chiefs won nine more games in 2013 than 2014. Denver scored more points than any team in NFL history, then got blown out in the Super Bowl. What will 2014 bring? Here we will take a look at three teams from each conference that did not make the playoffs in 2013 but have a good shot at making them in 2014!


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Preview and betting guide for Belmont day.

The speed of Billy Hamilton is changing the game for the Reds