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It's just about two on the east coast, and the NFL free agent buzz is alive and well this March 11th afternoon.  Let's give a quick rundown of what we know so far:

The Minnesota Wild has a different feel to its game right now and has experienced success as result. The team struggling for any sort of identity after a stunted offseason, has been pulling together to develop chemistry and get this season pointed in the right direction. The Wild entered March after winning 4 of 5 games with very good momentum only to have Anaheim again provide doubt delivering them another loss. There was a noticeable change in the demeanor of Wild Captain Mikko Koivu after the loss in Anaheim. Whatever rubbed Koivu wrong in that loss to Anaheim, has carried over to his play in the next 4 games in which the Wild have won 3 of them including tonight versus the hated Canucks. Taking Koivu's lead, this Wild team has playing a ferocious brand of hockey more physical and aggressive. It is clear that an angry Koivu means an inspired Wild team.

Titans TE- Jared Cook is being pursued by 4 teams so far..

The easiest way to prepare for Fantasy Baseball, is to do mock drafts and learn from what people's tendencies seem to be for the given year.

When your Fantasy Baseball draft comes about, do not waste picks on closers, here is my take:

This is the second part of a five part series that will be coming out every Sunday, previewing the AL West teams one by one. Today the Oakland Athletics will be previewed. 

When Jack Swagger made his long awaited return to the WWE after a long break, he returned as his old "All American American" self. After a couple weeks Swagger was repackaged into a new gimmick and given a new maneger, Zeb Colter. This gimmick is now known as being a "Real American", stating some very anti-immigrant beliefs. The real question is, is this gimmick being taken too far?

A blowout in Pittsburgh, a shootout in New Jersey, and a downright ugly game in Philadelphia.  Here's your recap of the Eastern Conference on March 10, 2013

DeAndre Jordan immediately filled out papers to make the adoption of Brandon Knight official tonight. Brandon, make sure you call him \\"daddy.\\"

Dolphins looking to Bolster WR corps regardless if they land Wallace..

Latest Dolphins weekend update..

The question here is, does the loss of Amar’e Stoudemire hurt the Knicks in the long run.  He’s supposed to be out 6-7 weeks with the same knee injury he previously had on the opposite knee, which requires surgery.  But the Knickerbockers have been without Amar’e before and let me remind you all, they had their best stretch of basketball since I can remember. 

With free agency two days away, some rumors are starting to come out about who the Jets may be targeting.

The Eagles are showing some "Recent" interest in Darrelle Revis

                It is just about final, Mr. Bush is leaving South Beach and heading west; Reggie will not be a Dolphin in 2013.  All reports indicate that the Dolphins, the latest big player in the Mike Wallace sweepstakes, will not be bringing runningback Reggie Bush back for another year.

With many areas of need, the Jets have decided to make DE Mike Devito their number on priority in free agency.

Prior to the 2011 season, the Boston Red Sox were dubbed the "winners of the offseason" after acquiring Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford over the winter. Their collapse was well documented as they failed to reach the playoffs on the last day of the season. Then again in 2012, the Los Angeles Angels went out and signed Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson and were viewed as the frontrunners in the American League. They weren't even relevant come September 1st. What we continue to see is that teams would rather throw money at their problems over the winter rather than build up their farm and try and compete down the road. While the strategy looks good in the short term in turns of ticket sales and hype, it does not seem to pan out in terms of banners and parades as often as one would hope. So after the biggest trade of the offseason netted the Blue Jays an entire new roster full of All Stars, Vegas pegged them as the odds on favorite to win the World Series in 2013. For a team which finished fourth in the AL East in 2012 to enter '13 with a new manager and roster to be World Series favorites is a setup for failure. So how will these Jays fair in 2013?

The Ex Atlanta Falcon signed a three year deal with the Kansas City Chiefs.

The rumor mill is heating up, so you know IBN has that fire before you call it a night...

Syracuse vs Georgetown recap