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Late Night Free Agency Buzz: Browns-Falcons-Broncos-Bears
posted Mar 10, 12:03AM
posted in NFL, Rumors
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The rumor mill is heating up, so you know IBN has that fire before you call it a night...

  • Major battle going on right now for RB - Steven Jackson between the Broncos & Falcons, both teams have made significant progress with the former All-Pro Rams RB --- IBN gets word tonight that the Broncos could wrap this deal up tmrw or Monday. Two teams that would like to jump in are the Packers & Jets but as of now they haven't made any noise yet. Seems Steven Jackson knew exactly what he was doing when he voided his deal, dude is about to get paid!

  • Cleveland Browns - Colts - Falcons making big pushes for LB - Paul Kruger he's a very hot name and at this time those are early favs (Very early) the Browns also are "Intrigued" with the possibility of making a run at recently released LB - James Harrison so expect them to get that pass rushing LB they crave this off-season.


  • Bears are all over Jake Long and they have made an early offer to the big OL


  • Bills seem to be focused on two Wr's (Jennings & Edelman) they have made contact with the camps of both guys, Buffalo still focused on LaRon Landry even though his price seems a bit high at this time. Source also tells IBN that Buffalo will draft Geno Smith if he is on the board when they pick. 


  • NY Jets.... crickets 
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Colin Kaepernick
There's a beautiful thing about the NFL that most of you have already seen : On any given Sunday, there's always someone on the field or on the sidelines who finds a way to show his true donkeyfy-ing nature. Last week, it was Chargers HC McCoy and his poor game plan against the Broncos.

This week was even bigger. 4 teams were still standing. The Broncos whooped the Patriots in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates in the AFC championship. But the main event was something you didn't want to miss. Seahawks and Niners, one of the best (if not the best) rivalries in today's NFL. Hard hits, trash talking and a game that went down to the wire but, sadly for Niners fans, San Fran' ultimately lost. And our Donkey, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was the biggest factor.

Jimmy Johnson said it best, Colin Kaepernick kept the Niners in the game with his feet and killed them with his arm. Two late INTs and a Fumble in the fourth quarter. A game to forget for the former Nevada product who played the 1st 3 quarters like he was the second coming of Steve Young. A game that should lead to a lot of questions in the Niners front office and, of course, a game that prevented them from making back to back Superbowl appearances. But let us ask the question that needs to be asked : How could Kaepernick choke that badly? Getting strip sacked by a defense you were running all over in the first half (Ok that can happen to any QB) The absolutely awful throw right to Kam Chancellor (That mistake can't happen!) And the game ending interception, on another bad throw vs the opponents best player? How? I mean ... No one should expect our Donkey to be Joe Montana but some things should have been avoided. SF was leading 17-13 at the start of the 4th quarter and until that final turnover, they were still very much poised to get a huge road win. Why force a throw on a 1st and 10 with still 30 seconds left? So many questions to ask, but only one conclusion : Colin Kaepernick choked. Badly.

And the Niners will watch the Superbowl on TV. But rejoice Colin, this gives you more time to model for magazines and add to your sneaker collection... but we'll just see you as our Donkey of the Day!