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Nick Barlotta's Mock Draft Round 1
posted Mar 04, 06:28PM
posted in NFL, Analysis
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As this is my first mock draft i would like to introduce myself a little. My name is Nick Barlotta and I currently attend Bergen Community College, I follow all sports and all teams but more importantly I am a Jets, Mets, Nets, and Devils Fan. This is my first mock draft instead of reposting I will just update this one, and by tommorow night i will have the 2nd round in. 

1. Kansas City Chiefs- Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M

Luke Joeckel is the only clear cut number 1 pick in this draft. Personally I love him in this offense because he excels in spread offense as he used at Texas A&M and that is what Kansas City uses.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars- Dion Jordan, DE/OLB, Oregon

Dion Jordan is a speed rusher who is very similar to Aldon Smith on the 49ers. From what I hear new coach Gus Bradley has said he learned from Pete Carroll the best way to build a team is with speed, So what better way to start then with this stud.

3. Oakland Raiders- Sharrif Floyd, DT, Florida

Sharrif Floyd is a big spark plug for the middle of a defense.  He is a great run stopper that has no problems getting to the quarterback. What made scouts look more into this guys is he played his best games against the big teams such as Texas A&M and LSU.

4. Philadelphia Eagles- Star Lotulelei, DT, Utah

Star is defensive tackle who can do everything from playing nose tackle to a 3-4 defensive end. He would instantly be one of the most athletic defensive tackles behind guys like Geno Adkins.

5. Detroit Lions- Dee Milliner, CB, Alabama

I believe Milliner could be a top notch cornerback in this league, only issue is who knows how long the process to that could be. I believe in a year where the draft class is weak he easily slips into top 10, but in any other year he might be closer to the 20th pick.

6. Cleveland Browns- Ezekiel Ansah, DE/OLB, BYU

Ezekiel Ansah is a freak of nature in so many different aspects, he ran a 4.6 40 yard dash and he is defines the word athletic. Reports have surfaced that he never even prepared for the 40 yard dash before he did it. So imagine if he actually did prepare you could have expected closer to 4.5.

7. Arizona Cardinals- Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan

Eric Fisher could be in consideration to go number 1 overall but I believe he will miss out by only a little bit to Luke Joeckel. Keep your eyes on the Fisher kid though he reminds me a lot of Joe Staley size and strength combination.

8. Buffalo Bills- Geno Smith, QB, West Virginia

I believe in a way Geno Smith is a little underrated. I say this because he ran a great 40 yard dash, he showed how great his arm really is, and apparently held really great interviews.

9. New York Jets- Corradelle Patterson, WR, Tennessee

Patterson draws the comparison to Julio Jones in the way that he combines speed and strength with average hands. Jets need a wide receiver

10. Tennessee Titans – Chance Warmack, G, Alabama

This guard from the Nick Saban University has a rare combination of strength and footwork. He was number one on my big board and I don’t see him moving anytime soon.

11. San Diego Chargers- Lane Johnson, T, Oklahoma

Lane also as great footwork, his 6 foot 6 Frame is beastly compared to the suddenly shrinking defensive ends. I can see Johnson being a solid blindside tackle for years to come.

12. Miami Dolphins- Keenan Allen, WR, California

Keenan Allen could be perfect for Miami, with Allen you get a average sized receiver with great hands and speed. Also it is a perfect start up plan with Ryan Tannehill.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington

From what I saw from him on tape something came to me, if he put forth as much effort as lets say Dee Milliner he would be higher than Milliner. This kid has raw talent and is comparable to some to a guy like Nnamdi Asomugha.

14. Carolina Panthers- Sheldon Richardson, DT, Missouri

Sheldon Richardson a versatile defensive tackle who really turned heads as this season went on. He totaled 10.5 tackles for loss and 75 tackles for a defensive tackle that is crazy number.

15. New Orleans Saints- Jarvis Jones, OLB, Georgia

Jarvis Jones originally was considered as a number one pick, but as time as gone on his injuries have derailed him a tiny bit. I can still see him as a long shot getting into the top 10 but it’s unlikely at this point in time.

16. St. Louis Rams- Kenny Vaccaro, S, Texas

I am personally a big fan of this kid, on tape he looked in a way flawless. But when I watched him later at the combine he showed me a lot of upside.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers- Barkevious Mingo, OLB, LSU
Steelers could use one of these guys that likes to rush the outside, they need to get back to their true identity. I believe they really want Jarvis Jones but I don’t see him making It to this pick.

18. Dallas Cowboys- Jonathan Cooper, G, North Carolina

Jonathan Cooper is a guy who I personally haven’t seen a lot of but from what I have actually seen seems like he will be a very solid guard for years to come. Dallas needs an interior lineman and this is a very good fit.

19. New York Giants- Damontre Moore, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

Moore was consistently put in the top five draft since early December now it becomes that he probably won’t crack the top ten. His stock dropped down solely because of his inexperience.

20. Chicago Bears- Manti Te’o, MLB, Notre Dame

Although there very well maybe the third best linebacker in this draft, with that said I have him higher than the other two guys solely because I believe his 40 time will be a lot better when it comes to the pro day. With Urlacher probably gone they need a middle linebacker.

21. Cincinnati Bengals- Alec Ogeltree, MLB, Georgia

Ogeltree might likely be the top middle linebacker in this draft, and the Bengals are ecstatic that a guy like Ogeltree falls to them.

22. St. Louis Rams- De’andre Hopkins, WR, Clemson

Hopkins can do just about what all the other wide receivers in this draft can do, the only fault is the inexperience. He is known for his huge games at big times but then when it comes to consistency it just might not be there.

23. Minnesota Vikings- Tayvon Austin, WR, West Virginia

This guy is very comparable to Percy Harvin, who very well is gone despite Vikings brass denying it. Even if they keep Harvin; Austin still fits in Minnesota.


24. Indianapolis Colts- D.J Fluker, OT, Alabama

Fluker has scary potential, and in that respect with the talent he already has he is a definite late first to early second.

25. Seattle Seahawks- John Jenkins, DT, Georgia

Jenkins definitely is very raw, but with the right work and in the right system this kid could be a stud. But if not the right system could be a bust we will see.

26. Green Bay Packers- Barrett Jones, C/G/T, Alabama

Jones could play 5 different positions but in the end I see him at his natural position center. But when it comes to the packers they need a center after the departure of Jeff Saturday.

27. Houston Texans- Kevin Minter, MLB, LSU

Minter is a stud at the middle linebacker position, he can handle the role player role for the Texans they breed linebackers. The linebackers from LSU never seek to impress.

28. Denver Broncos- Jonathan Hankins, DT, Ohio State

Hankins could be a nice addition to the broncos’ defense. Their defense had one gaping hole and it was the defensive tackle spot. They struggled in run defense slightly so I like the Hankins-Denver fit.

29. New England Patriots- Justin Hunter, WR, Tennessee

Hunter seems like a Belicheck kind of guy. Hunter came off an injury last year and still seemed to show people up lately. I like this kid a lot reminds me a lot of like a Mike Williams but his talent is yet to be determined.

30. Atlanta Falcons- Bjeorn Werner, DE, Florida State

Werner as well as many others was thought of as a top prospect but lately he seemed to drop with lack of effort at the combine and did not look good. I still think this kid has a chance to move up again but for now he fits here.

31. San Francisco 49ers- Jonathan Banks, CB, Mississippi State

Banks is a smaller physical cornerback that the 49ers could use. Regardless of them acquiring Revis they still need some depth at position.

32. Baltimore Ravens- Matt Elam, S, Florida

All I have to say is theres a chance they lose Ed Reed and bringing some youth to that defense would be nice

Comments (1)

Solid mock. Do you have any predictions on teams trading picks?

posted by matt anesetti, Mar 05, 13:16
Colin Kaepernick
There's a beautiful thing about the NFL that most of you have already seen : On any given Sunday, there's always someone on the field or on the sidelines who finds a way to show his true donkeyfy-ing nature. Last week, it was Chargers HC McCoy and his poor game plan against the Broncos.

This week was even bigger. 4 teams were still standing. The Broncos whooped the Patriots in a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates in the AFC championship. But the main event was something you didn't want to miss. Seahawks and Niners, one of the best (if not the best) rivalries in today's NFL. Hard hits, trash talking and a game that went down to the wire but, sadly for Niners fans, San Fran' ultimately lost. And our Donkey, 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick was the biggest factor.

Jimmy Johnson said it best, Colin Kaepernick kept the Niners in the game with his feet and killed them with his arm. Two late INTs and a Fumble in the fourth quarter. A game to forget for the former Nevada product who played the 1st 3 quarters like he was the second coming of Steve Young. A game that should lead to a lot of questions in the Niners front office and, of course, a game that prevented them from making back to back Superbowl appearances. But let us ask the question that needs to be asked : How could Kaepernick choke that badly? Getting strip sacked by a defense you were running all over in the first half (Ok that can happen to any QB) The absolutely awful throw right to Kam Chancellor (That mistake can't happen!) And the game ending interception, on another bad throw vs the opponents best player? How? I mean ... No one should expect our Donkey to be Joe Montana but some things should have been avoided. SF was leading 17-13 at the start of the 4th quarter and until that final turnover, they were still very much poised to get a huge road win. Why force a throw on a 1st and 10 with still 30 seconds left? So many questions to ask, but only one conclusion : Colin Kaepernick choked. Badly.

And the Niners will watch the Superbowl on TV. But rejoice Colin, this gives you more time to model for magazines and add to your sneaker collection... but we'll just see you as our Donkey of the Day!