*Breaking* Mark Sanchez wants his release ?
posted Sep 03 2013, 07:29AM
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Former starting QB and Jets 1st round pick might have had enough of the "Jets" drama in the Big Apple.

As time goes by, it appears more and more obvious that the Sanchez era in New York is coming to an end as IBN learned from sources that Mark Sanchez's agent requested the New York Jets organization grant his client's release. The speculation is that Sanchez wanted out this weekend so he could get a possible look for another NFL team (As Backup) and both parties could finally end all the drama and move on.

Sources also told us that Sanchez has a 3 to 4 week shoulder injury that's actually hurting his chances to be released and that an injury settlement may need to be worked.

The Jets never intended to start Sanchez even if he wasn't injured. Geno Smith was the choice before Game 3 of the preseason against the New York Giants as IBN reported the day before the Giants preseason game :

**BREAKING NFL NEWS**Source: Idzik has made the final decision ' Rex wanted Mark but the GM said if Geno is healthy after Saturday he's QB

— IBN SPORTS WRAP (@IBNincarcerated) August 23, 2013

At this time, both Sanchez's injury timetable and asking for his release are being kept very quiet by the Jets organization.

More info as this story develops and even more "Jets" drama unfolds..

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