*Exclusive* Tajh Boyd a degenerate gambler?
posted Oct 19 2013, 05:26PM
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He hasn't been drafted yet but current Clemson QB Tajh Boyd is already in some rather disturbing financial trouble.

The Seminoles and the Tigers had a much anticipated matchup last night (Florida St destroyed them!) but that's not the story we should be focusing on, IBN has learned from sources something that goes beyond the field.

Sources told us that Tajh Boyd owes over $80,000 in unpaid gambling debts.

The Clemson QB owed 2 bookies big money, source says that most of the money is on failed NFL bets but no bets have been placed on his team as of last weekend. The last known action from the "Tiger" is a $15,000 bet on UCF Friday night (+14) that actually won and kept him under his cut-off limit which is $100,000.

Our source indicates that the 2 bookies are giving him this much credit to wager on because they know he's in line for big payday after this coming NFL draft (1st or 2nd rd pick likely). According to our source, those bookies feel safe because they have text and other info if Boyd would attempt to stiff them.



*UPDATE* Screen of Pregame Steam breaking this Tajh Boyd news :

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