Possibly Tebow Time Again! (Rams?)
posted Nov 03 2013, 06:12PM
posted in NFL, Rumors

After today's game the Rams are very close to making a QB move...

We all knew after Sam Bradford (Rams) was injured that the QB play would most likely be dreadful, seems we all are correct in that assessment.

Rams brain trust feels they should be 2-0 last two weeks if they had anything resembling a decent QB.

The starting QB Kellen Clemens looks like he is headed to the bench, but that's not the story here, the man they all love to "Hate" ... yes Tim Tebow is being considered by the Rams front office (Meetings between ownership and front office), taking place tonight with Jeff Fisher leading the charge to get him on board sometime this week. 

Now if all goes well you could see the lightning rod better known as "Tebow Time" running the show for St. Louis in the next week or two. 


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Incarcerated Bob
It's the man they love to "HATE" - Started from the bottom in the sports world with Boomer & Carton (WFAN in NY) giving picks at an accuracy rate that...

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