A trade that might be bigger than you expect.
posted Nov 21 2013, 08:38AM
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Two big Major League players traded. But the story might not end there ...

And the Prince Fielder era in Detroit has officially ended. Often criticized for his lack of production during post-season, Fielder has been traded to the Texas Rangers for (2B) Ian Kinsler. 

But we are not here to discuss if it's a good trade or not, the thing we are about to discuss is the ramifications it will have on this year's FA market. But yeah, we think that this is a pretty good trade for both teams.

As reported last night, the Rangers will make a huge push for Robinson Cano and might end up winning the big FA catch lottery this winter. First of all, the Rangers have a hole at 2B now (Profar being dangled for pitching) and if they add Cano to their line-up, they will instantly be considered as huge World Series contenders. Who could refuse that? Will Cano be able to find this opportunity with the Mets or Dodgers? There's a good chance that this will not be the case. But on top of that, and with the things we know now about Cano, there's the money issue. It was reported months ago that Cano would seek a $300 million contract this summer. While this number might be a bit ridiculous, the Rangers have a huge card to play ... There's no state tax. If money is that important for the (maybe) former Yankee, not paying taxes will be factor in his decision. Again, we can't really count out the Yankees (Still Favorites) re-signing Cano or another surprise. But count on the Rangers to be a player in this one.

And there's still things to discuss about the Rangers. Now, along with Cano, the Rangers are going after catcher Brian McCann, filling their second biggest hole in the lineup. It has been widely reported and once again, it makes sense.

But their biggest gamble of the offseason isn't one of those. If Texas gets one or both of those players, their rotation will still be far from elite. They acquired Matt Garza, already have Yu Darvish. But now Garza is a free agent and they are back to being a team that needs help. That's why you figure the Rangers will be tempted to trade Jurickson Profar to get the 2nd stud pitcher they need to be almost invincible on paper. Enter David Price, last year's AL Cy Young and with all those signings and the trade that filled nearly every spot, the Rangers can trade one of their best young prospects. Even better, everyone knows that Tampa doesn't have the money to re-sign Price and that they'll be looking to maximize his value this winter on the trade market. Why not do it like they did with James Shields and get one of the best prospects in MLB?

If everything goes well (and, as you may know, nothing is set in stone yet) the Texas Rangers might be the biggest winner of this off-season. And the rest of the MLB will be in awe ...

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