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posted Mar 03 2015, 01:25PM
story by George Kenny
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After the combine and after some franchise tags is where I like to kick off some mock drafts. The combine has come and gone and there were some risers and and guys who are falling. If you didn't read the risers of the combine take a look before reading this.  For the most part though many first round guys did what was expected at the combine. Enough of he chit-chat and let's get mocking!

1. Bucs- Jamies Winston, QB, Florida State- Going into the combine it was pretty much between Mariota and Winston. After the combine it is all Winston. Tampa needs a QB right now, and Jamies is the best guy to come in and compete right away. His football IQ is crazy, he can make all the throws, and he is a leader. All great qualities of a franchise QB, but there is the off the field stuff. The calming Lovie Smith influence might get Winston to be 100% on football and not on the fact that Tampa is like the Strip Club state. If Winston can just stay out of trouble this pick will be great, with Mike Evans, and Vincent Jackson as weapons.


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2. Titans-Leonard Williams, DE, USC- The Titans have a couple of options here with Mariota or Williams. Sorry Marcus but you lose again, something he has only done like 5 total times at college. The Titans have shown some faith in Zach Mettenberger, so Leonard Williams will be their guy. "It has to be the hair Cotton!" The guy is a stud and on most people's #1 spot on their big boards. Williams can play inside or outside on the defensive line and will cause havoc no matter what. He will give tackles and quarterbacks fits for a long time.

3. Jags- Dante Fowler Jr, DE, Florida- This pick could be a few different guys at the same position. It's a battle between Fowler Jr, Randy Gregory, Shane Ray, and Vic Beasley. Now Fowler and Beasley are the high risers after the combine, but Fowler looks to have separated from the pack. Fowler is an intriguing combo of size and speed off the edge. Gus Bradley is a defensive guy, but went heavy on offense in last year's draft. This year will be different, at least with his first pick.


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4.Raiders- Kevin White, WR, WVU- The Raiders went with Derek Carr last year, but he needs that #1 wide-out. Amari Cooper has been the main guy here for a while, but after the combine White is a hot commodity. Again that size-sped combo gets GM and scouts drooling. White ran a 4.35 40 that surprised many. That breakaway speed along with how physical he plays can't be ignored. He has stud written all over him, and now Oakland has Carr to White for the future.

5. Washington- Randy Gregory, DE/OLB Nebraska- This draft class is loaded with pass rushers and wide-outs. Another pass rusher goes here at #5. Gregory is a lengthy rusher that has tremendous speed. He is an athletic freak, that can get to the QB. Pass rushers have become almost or maybe just as valuable as left tackles in the league now a days. Gregory needs to get better at power rushing, so he doesn't become a one-dimensional rusher. Pairing him with Ryan Kerrigan could be deadly in Washington. This could be a trading spot also for a team...cough, cough, the Eagles.


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6. Jets- Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon- This pick was a tough one for me to pick. The Jets have glaring holes at QB, WR, and corner, so they really can't miss. This pick comes down to whether the new regime wants their own choice of a franchise QB or to roll with Geno. If they don't trust Geno then it's easy, go Mariota. If they believe in Geno, then go with Cooper. Now if say the Eagles, Rams, or Browns trade up to take one of these guys then that makes it easier. Right now though, the pick should be Mariota. The kid can ball out and yes will need some time to adjust, but I think OC Chan Gailey will help in a big way. He has experience in the spread and some read option plays that can make Mariota more comfortable. Can the Jets really afford to pass on a guy like Mariota? That's the big question.


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7. Bears- Danny Shelton, DT/NT,Washington- Danny Shelton is a load in he middle of the football field. Who would have thought the saying, "Chicago's defense is terrible" would occur. Well it has and they need help, and a lot of it. They can use a pass rusher along with a safety, but Shelton is the best NT that can shut down a running game. He will fit right in the new 3-4 scheme the Bears will play. The most important spot on a 3-4 usually is the NT. You need a rush stuffing, gap plugging nose tackle for a successful 3-4 defense.

8. Falcons- Vic Beasley, DE/OLB, Clemson- Beasley's stock has soared of late after showing up at the combine heavier(in a good way), without losing a step in speed. With that added weight playing DE at the next level isn't out of the question. He has excellent speed, but also should be a powerful rusher as well. He showed his power with 35 reps at the combine. Hot-lanta needs pass rushers desperately, and they get their guy, for new head coach Dan Quinn to use.

9. Giants- Brandon Scherff, OT, Iowa- Scherff just seems to be a perfect Giant, with his toughness and him being from a Big 10 school, where the Giants love to pick from. Big Brandon isn't the most athletic guy, but like all good offensive lineman has a mean streak in him. He could play tackle or guard for the G-Man, so his versatility plays a big part.

10. Rams- Amari Cooper, WR, Alabama- Boy if this happens Jeff Fisher will be grinning from ear to ear along with his Tom Selleck stache. The Rams have stated they still think Sam Bradford can be their guy, so what better way to help that, then getting the most polished receiver in this class. Cooper isn't the biggest or fastest receiver(4.45 isn't slow at all), but he is a great route runner and a reliable guy, that can make big plays. Cooper teamed up with Brain Quick, Tavon and Bailey could be something special.


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11. Vikings- DeVante Parker, WR, L'Ville- This guy is an animal and of course ex-teammate of Teddy Bridgewater. These two had a very nice connection at college, so why not pair them up again. Sota needs a #1 with Patterson shitting the bed last year, and Greg Jennings getting up there in age. Parker has good size for a receiver at 6-2 207, with excellent ball skills. He was extremely productive at school, and if not for injuries for the first few games, he could have been right with Cooper for best college receiver. Teddy to DeVante could be a connection we see a lot down the road.


12. Browns- Malcom Brown, DT, Texas- Brown was a handful of bright spots for the down Longhorns last year. Brown has the size to play a run stuffer, but also brings some good pass rush. His ability to get to the quarterback, allows Brown to play all over the front line. He is a versatile big kid that can cause havoc on many fronts. He could end up being a big steal in this draft as he has some big time potential.

13. Saints- Shane Ray, DE/OLB, Missouri- The Saints need pass rushers bad and a top 10 talent could land right in their laps. Ray was hurt during the combine, so we couldn't get to see the speed he brings. The big questions here is, his power and strength. He only put up 21 reps and is a little light. Like Gregory, Ray doesn't want to be only a speed rusher, because many times those guys don't see the field until third downs. Ray needs to bulk up more, but if he can and not lose his speed watch out for this Missouri Tiger.


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14. Dolphins- Trae Waynes, CB, MSU- Waynes is far and beyond the best corner in this class, and he fits a need for Miami. Waynes is a physical man to man corner that has good speed, as he showed at the combine. Miami has Brent Grimes on one side and now add Waynes, and this is dynamic duo. Waynes also isn't afraid to make a hit whether it's over the middle or in run support.


15. 49ers- Dorial Green-Beckham, WR, Missouri/Oklahoma- This kid is a big time question mark with off the field issues. On the flip side this kid has the potential to be a star. He has comps to Calvin Johnson because he is listed at 6-5, 237 pounds, and ran a 4.49. If someone can just get this kid to focus on football then this could be a steal at 15. If this kid doesn't have off the field stuff, then he goes 4 to the Raiders. The 49ers need some playmakers for Colin with Crabtree hitting frees agency, and Boldin being more of a possession guy. DGB could be the answer for the 49ers in a big big way.

16. Texans- Andrus Peat, OT, Stanford- The Texans need some help on offense including a QB, and now another wide-out with Andre Johnson being on his way out. To bad for Houston no quarterbacks are worth taking here. A receiver can go here, but this class is loaded with them, so they could wait and get help up-front. Peat is a big dude and can play right away for them at tackle. He can be a good building block for whoever the QB is next year.

17. Chargers- Jalen Collins, CB, LSU- The Chargers could go corner or offensive line here, but I say the corner. It's a big need for them, and they get a long coverage corner. Collins showed what he can do at the combine and impressed. It also helps that the corner is 6-1 203 pounds. Taller corners are prime in the NFL, and that can be the difference on which corners go first.

18. Chiefs- Jalen Strong, WR, ASU- Last year Chiefs wide-outs had zero touchdown catches. Yes, you heard that right ZERO. Alex Smith needs some talent around him, Jalen Strong will help. He is a bigger physical wide-out, that makes big plays down the field. He doesn't have break away speed, but has very good ball skills in the air. He really knows how to go up and get the ball. Strong will also be a big-time red zone threat for Andy Reid and Alex Smith.

19. Browns(via Bills)- Devin Smith, WR, OSU- Josh Gordon isn't coming back anytime soon with being suspended yet again. The Browns need a new threat on the outside. Devin Smith is a home run hitter, and stretches the field. Smith is an explosive kid that is a deep ball waiting to happen.

20. Eagles- Landon Collins, Safety, Alabama- I really do believe the Eagles will make a move up to get Mariota, but for now they get the best safety in this class. Collins is a ball hawk of a safety, and makes plays when he gets it. The Eagles haven't had a good safety since Brain Dawkins retired, so hopefully this can be a solution.

21. Bengals- Bud Dupree, OLB, Kentuky- Dupree has been rising ever since the college football season was over. He had a standout year this year, and can get to the QB. The Bengals had trouble with that last year, and Bud can help quickly. He also gives that front 7 a shot of youth and speed.

22. Steelers- Eli Harold, OLB, Virginia- Another young man who is rising after the combine is Harold. Another pass rusher that helped a very stout Virgina defense this year. Pittsburg is losing a few linebackers so this could soften the blow.

23. Lions- Arik Armstead, DE/DT, Orgeon- The Lions didn't tag Suh, so he is now open game. Nick Fairley can also be moving on from Detroit City so a DT could be the pick. Armstead is raw, but is talented as they come. He honestly could go top ten because he has that type of talent. He is a monster at 6-7 292 so he can play either in or outside. If the Lions can get him to not take plays off, this line can be back on track.

24.Cardinals- Ereck Flowers, OT, Miami- The Cards could always use more offensive line help. They could also go defensive front, but Flowers is to intriguing, especially with the main concern in keeping Carson Palmer healthy. Flowers is intriguing because he could be the first tackle off the board, so getting him down here could be great value. Flowers is big and has great strength, that could turn into a cornerstone for Zona.

25. Panthers- TJ Clemmings- OT, Pittsburg- Carolina needs O-line help badly. Cam Newton had no time last year to throw, and it got him banged up. The Panthers need help up front and Clemmings is the best left.

26. Ravens- Melvin Gordon, RB, Wisconsin- The first running back off the table at 26. Gordon had a historic college career and is a workhorse. The Ravens had a few issues beginning the season with Ray Rice and Pierce, but found gold with Justin Forsett. Now Forsett is a free agent so who knows what can happen, but even if he does come back, a duo of Forsett and Gordon could be deadly.

27. Cowboys- Marcus Peters, CB, Washington-The Boys tagged Dez, which means Murray will test free agency. A running back could be the pick here, but the whole AP situation is being watched very carefully by Jerry Jones. The Cowboys also have bigger needs like in their secondary. Peters has a boatload of talent, but off the field issues as well. If the Boys can trust him to focus on football, then they can have a nice pair of corners in Claiborne and Peters.

28. Broncos- Devin Funchess, WR/TE, UM- Denver made a choice like Dallas in tagging Demaryius Thomas and letting Julius Thomas walk. Which means a TE spot is now open for matchup nightmare Mr. Funchess. He didn't run well at the combine and his stock has dipped, but come game-time he is a problem. It's another weapon for Peyton(hopefully) to use, and use anywhere on the field.

29. Colts- La'el Collins, OT, LSU- Keep Andrew Luck upright and healthy is the key. With the Titans, and Jags going defensive line with their picks, it makes a whole of sense to go O-line. Oh and don't forget Mr. Watt in Houston. Collins is like Flowers that he can go a lot higher, it just falls which team likes which tackle better. Collins also can play outside or inside at guard, which gives the Colts options.

31. Seahawks- Cameron Erving, OL, FSU- Erving can play the entire front-line, but probably best suited for guard or center. The Hawks might be losing Carpenter up-front which leaves a hole that Erving can fill. If they do bring Carpenter back then Erving provides vital depth at a key location, especially with Max Unger being hurt last year.

32. Patriots- Jordan Phillips, DT/NT, Oklahoma- Phillips is a big ole boy who can stuff the run. He would give the Pats depth in the trenches, and incase something happened to aging Vince Wilfork. Phillips could also be the eventual replacement to Wilfork and who better to learn from.


That does it for the first mock draft of the year, but don't worry it won't be the last. We will try to update these every 2 weeks or so. Make sure to keep and eye out for the next one, and enjoy the rest of mock season.

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