NBA Rumors Roundup - Free Agency Edition (Part 1)
posted Jun 29 2015, 11:40PM
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Lets get this UFA season started with rumors and predictions on some of the top players in this years free agency class...

IBN NBA Free Agency Rumors 

LaMarcus Aldridge - (PF) Several teams are interested, he will give Knicks/Raptors/Mavs chances to recruit and show him why he should choose one of those cities to play his prime years ... At this time i expect either the Spurs or Lakers to snag the best scoring big man in this years UFA class.    

DeAndre Jordan - (Center) Sources are buzzing that Jordan has made his mind up and IBN reported yesterday that he's headed to Dallas once free agency gets started, don't be fooled by the visits, just a basic formality.

Marc Gasol - (Center) Nothing to see here friends... he's staying in Memphis his home since high school. 

Dwayne Wade - (SG) Expected opt-out with Heat happened today, expect some serious recruiting from his buddy in Cleveland (Lebron) also some flirting from Clippers, Knicks, Lakers, and obviously Pat Riley will take his shot at smoothing things over with his franchise player. My money is on LeBron putting on his GM hat once again and bringing Wade to Cleveland for another title run.

Kevin Love - (FWD) Another expected opt-out but with different circumstances, Kevin seemed to be lost in Cleveland at different points during season also at odds with the "KING" so expect suitors like Celtics / Blazers / Lakers / Hawks to come at him with good money and the promise of more touches on offense. Pay attention to Miami Heat, Wade's decision could lead to possible trade scenario that involves Cavs, we all have seen stranger things happen this time of year

Greg Monroe - (Center) Seems the Knicks are the early favorites to land the former Georgetown Hoya, also expect runs from Bucks / Blazers / Lakers... in the end it likely comes down to Knicks and will they come close to matching Greg's number, if that happens he will be suiting up in MSG once next season starts.

Rajon Rondo - (PG) How fast has this guy's stock fallen since last year at this time? Unreal how little buzz Ronda is getting this off-season. I'm hearing two teams will kick tires, Sacramento Kings (George Karl & Rondo...scary huh) also don't count out Knicks if they move Calderon, remember Melo wanted Rondo two years ago.

Monta Ellis - (SG) Here is the wildcard of this year's UFA class, teams that need an instant scorer who can complement the main scorer, Monta can do just that. Look for Pacers / Kings to jump in the mix quickly, if Wade bolts from Miami i expect Pat Riley to have Ellis on speed dial.


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