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posted Aug 03 2017, 09:00AM
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Hello everyone. This is TheHockeyPress on IBN. Here are the Fantasy Hockey Must Have Picks 03/08/17. With Buzz from everyone in the NHL/Hockey World including us. More to come. Stay tuned. Share with all your friends!

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Players I think Everyone Should Have on their Fantasy Hockey Teams for 2017-2018:


1. William Nylander or Mitch Marner: After these guys racked up 60+ points, there is no reason to believe they won't do the same or better next season. I've always thought of these guys are the true reason why the Maple Leafs made the Playoffs. We'll likely see Nylander with Matthews but Marner will carry his own line next year which is a recipe for success. Expect 60-70 points for them.


2. Henrik and/or Daniel Sedin: If you have the chance to take one or both of these guys with your last few picks, DO IT. They had a rough year last year not getting to the 70 point plateau but they are coming back for vengeance. Both twins have said they will perform better next year and I think they're for real.


3. Sam Bennett: While he was the talk of his draft when he couldn't do a pull up, look where he is now. This guy could help out any roster, and while he's been in trade rumors the Calgary Flames really like this guy and I wouldn't be shocked if he made the jump to top minutes next season.


4. Jake Muzzin: Every year this guy goes unnoticed. He's a force on the backend for the L.A Kings. The Kings are going to come out strong looking to return to the playoffs and it will depend on the play of Muzzin and Doughty. Take the chance because he produces 40+ points regularly.


5. Patrik Laine and Auston Matthews: As rookies these guys were INSANE. They were on top of the league in terms of points. Laine got 36 goals, 28 assists, for a total of 64 points. Matthews had 40 goals, 29 assists, and 69 points. Just incredible considering this was their first NHL season.

Now i'm here to say that YES, use your picks on guys like these. They will do nothing but get better. Both the Maple Leafs and Jets have gotten better. Matthews will be playing with Nylander and Hyman who he's performed well with and Laine will be slotted anywhere in the Top 6, but you can bet on him having the best PP spot. I'd expect them to each get 70+ points. With both of them achieving goals in the 30's.


Note: This is just THP Opinion. We are not liable for any advice given, nor do we own any of the footage/media that may have been used in this article.


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