Fantasy in 5: Vlog 3
posted Apr 08 2018, 09:37PM
story by Chris Kapel
posted in MLB, Fantasy

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IBN Fantasy in 5 week 3:

Can anyone stop Bryce Harper or Ohtani?

Top 5 and some guys who struggled…  start your strugglers anyway

Are the Reds wasting Joey Votto?

Does your league have a Pitcher position, non specific?

Some guys to pick up


Didn’t get to:

Your aces will have two starts this week… Scherzer, Kluber, Verlander to name a few

Who are the best teams in baseball? Most disappoint team?

Did anyone see the Pirates, Braves or Mets being good? I know it’s been less than 10 games, but they look solid.

We're working on getting the video to autoplay here and not have to go to youtube..stay tuned for that!

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