2019 NFL PREDICTIONS (Updated 8/22)
posted Aug 17 2019, 08:19PM
story by Chris Kapel
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Go ahead, tell me how big of an idiot I am....  https://twitter.com/KingScally

KingScally.   What does it mean? We need to delve into the definition of Scalawag: a person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; a rascal.

I really do not like these types of people, and like to put them in their place. A woooooooo girl dancing on a bar, or some dude with a popped collar drinking a white claw talking about how he could’ve made it if they just put him in the 4th quarter. So, I was in Tampa one fine evening and scalawags were all over. I had enough and decided they needed to be stopped. King Scally was born. 

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2019 NFL Predictions: 

AFC East

New England: 12-4

NY Jets: 9-7              trending up

Buffalo: 6-10

Miami: 3-13


AFC South

Jacksonville 10-6

Indianapolis 9-7           trending down

Houston 8-8

Tennessee 3-13


AFC North 

CLEVELAND BROWNS: 10-6   trending off the charts

Pittsburgh 8-8

Baltimore 7-9

Cincinnati 4-12


AFC West

Kansas City 11-5

LA Chargers: 9-7   trending down

Denver 8-8           trending up 

Oakland 4-12


NFC East

Philadelphia 12-4       trending up

New York Giants 8-8 

Dallas 8-8            trending down

Washington 6-10



New Orleans 13-3

Atlanta 10-6

Carolina 8-8

Tampa bay 4-12


NFC North 

Chicago 10-6

Green Bay 9-7  trending up 

Minnesota 8-8

Detroit 6-10


NFC West

LA Rams 11-5

San Francisco 7-9    trending down

Seattle 5-11

Arizona 3-13  Worst team in football


AFC Playoff teams

1. New England

2. Kansas City

3. Cleveland

4. Jacksonville

5. LA Chargers

6. New York Jets


AFC Championship New England over Kansas City


NFC Playoffs

1. New Orleans

2. Philadelphia


4. Chicago

5. Atlanta

6. Green Bay


NFC Championship: New Orleans over Philadelphia


Super Bowl: New Orleans over New England

Go ahead and slam me for the Titans all you want…  I’m way lower on them than anyone else. I am high on the Giants and also lower on the Vikings. I love what the Browns are doing, but I can’t  envision them in Foxboro or Arrowhead in January winning a game.

Giants and also lower on the Vikings. I love what the Browns are doing, but I can't envision them winning a game in Foxboro or Arrowhead in January.

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