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In the midst of his presidential run, Donald Trump wants to keep his name ringing out ... and he wants to make a splash.

The beef between Drake and Meek Mill has taken another step. Where will it stop ?

Everyone wants a piece of the pie

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When it comes to athletes and guns I feel they should have the right to protect themselves. These guys and girls are loved and loathed around the world by millions of people and need to protect their assets.

<span style="\\\\&quot;font-size:" 16px;\\\\"="">They also need to be smart about it and remember that they are citizens and need to abide by the law and be responsible. 

Michael Jordan retired from the NBA in 1993....

But in the sporting world, especially the NBA, nothing could’ve been more shocking. Michael Jordan, the biggest and brightest star in the entire sporting world, suddenly announced his retirement from the NBA. Having just led his team, the Chicago Bulls, to its third World Championship in as many years, and still reeling from the tragic murder of his father James Jordan in July of that same year, MJ had had enough.