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Who will remain at the top??

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Thanks for reading

If you're still reading, good for you

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Nothing made sense last week....hopefully this week does

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This may have been the hardest week to predict what will happen... Go Fun!

Is anyone playing better than Mike Evans and Devante Adams?  How about Kaep!

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Who is going to carry you to the 'ship?

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Mike Evans is the most valued player in PPR leagues

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So many Bye weeks...

Chicago, Cincinnati, New England, Arizona, Washington and Houston

Injuries and the waiver wire

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The time to now

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Six weeks down, however many your league plays to go!

You won't like Tom when he's angry

Angry Tom is back...back again.....

Baby Bye, bye bye.....week for KC, NO, Seattle and Jacksonville

Sometimes it rains... when it pours