IBN Mock Drafts

Stop with the mocking... the draft is here

Please Browns, don't Brown, take Myles

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Still too early...take with a grain of Scalawag 



A lot will happen in the next month. Expect a lot of changes

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Ben Simmons will go #1

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So many surprises in day 1. Day 2 should be even more exciting/surprising

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QB's are falling....    the final mock will come out Tuesday evening

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TRADES! TRADES! and expect more TRADES!

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The draft is right around the corner. Plenty will change between now and then. Here is version 1

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Tonight is going to be fun

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The MLB Draft is today. Many high prospects have been rumored at #1.... There's one clear choice!

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It's draft day. Finally. And we had to do a 3 rounds mock draft to celebrate it.

Winston coming for that #1 spot

ITS DRAFT DAY!!!!! I don’t know how I’m suppose to concentrate at work all day when we are only hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft. If you missed the first three mocks, make you take a glance at them. To help not concentrate at work and concentrate on the Draft, here is my last mock draft.

1.0 - 2.0These mocks are really nothing more then guesses, but still extremely fun for draft nerds like me. Enough talk and on to mock draft 3.0!!

The draft is next week, unless someone gets arrested, not much will change between now and then

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Mock 1.0<span georgia,="" \\\\\\\\'times="" new="" roman\\\\\\\\',="" \\\\\\\\'bitstream="" charter\\\\\\\\',="" times,="" serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;\\\\\\\\"="" style="line-height: 1.6em;">) some things have changed. Lets get it kicked off;

The draft is coming up, everyone seems to have a mock draft...here is mine

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After the combine and after some franchise tags is where I like to kick off some mock drafts. The combine has come and gone and there were some risers and and guys who are falling. If you didn't read the risers of the combine take a look before reading this.  For the most part though many first round guys did what was expected at the combine. Enough of he chit-chat and let's get mocking!

Yup. The combine is history and now, you might have a slightly better vision regarding most of this year’s prospects. So why not do a mock draft after all, huh? Let’s stick to the first round for now, as there’s a lot of things to cover and a lot of teams with plenty of needs, including teams willing to trade-up to snatch some high profile prospects.

So here's the deal with doing a mock draft this early, no one knows ANYTHING yet. 

A few teams with top 10 picks just got a new coach,which means there is no way to know what will happen.

However, i LOVE mock drafts, they give me something to get excited about. Today, I'm going to give a crack at how the first 10 picks could play out.