NFL Teams Potential FA Targets



NFC West


Draft Focus: Cardinals will look to get young QB via draft either early with DeShone Kizer (Notre Dame) or later

with Patrick Mahomes (Texas Tech) --- Corey Davis (WR) is also on radar with #13 overall pick.

FA Focus: Cardinals have eyes on WR/LB position: Pierre Garcon (WR) / Brandon Marshall (WR) / Josh Bynes (LB) / Jarvis Jones (LB)


Draft Focus: Rams need big play threat badly, WR on radar Curtis Samuel in 2nd RD ' also interest in Gerett Bolles (OL)

FA Focus: Another team looking for WR help , DeSean Jackson who's from LA also slight interest in Terrelle Pryor

Trade Focus: Trumaine Johnson widely available and Rams want 2nd rd pick and possibly another pick later in draft. 

Several teams involved (Updated Teams Below)


Draft Focus: Niners are the wildcard of this season's draft, they could go QB (Trubisky) or bolster that defense with Jonathan Allen (DT)  --- 2nd Rd could see Zay Jones (WR) also Curtis Samuel (WR) could be available.

FA Focus: They want Alshon Jeffery and he's top target on offense during FA ' Earl Mitchell (DT) : Ross Cockrell (CB) : Captain Munnerlyn (CB) all on radar. Added name on list of FA's Niners will pursue (WR) Terrelle Pryor

**BREAKING NEWS** 49ers Snag much needed help at (WR) Pierre Garcon will sign on

(QB) Hoyer to Niners via Media reports

Trade Focus: Keep hearing Niners name when Jimmy Garoppolo's (QB) name is talked about in trade talks.

This rumor could get more steam as we head closer to draft.

Redskins and Niners talking seriously about Cousins (QB) these rumors will not stop so prepare for more reports claiming deal is done from several media accounts. Deal is not done but talks reached "Serious Stage" mainly from Niners side. 



Draft Focus: Seahawks need OL help badly especially with Russell Wilson getting banged up almost every week. Buzz around Seahawks is interest in (OL) Garett Bolles if he makes it to #26 is highly doubtful, another option (DL) Caleb Brantley if he continues to drop. Pat Elflein (C) also on radar late in 2nd RD  

FA Focus: Russell Okung (OL) reunion is possible ' Ryan Clady (OL) could get look on cheap contract --

 Terrell McClain (DT) can provide depth on defensive line. :: Interest in underrated (OL) Brian Schwenke could see contract offer once FA heats up :: Adrian Peterson talk starting to heat up with Hawks & Raiders

Trade Focus: Jimmy Graham is being shopped for picks this could pick up during draft








NFC North



Draft Focus: Everyone is talking up Bears drafting Mitch Trubisky (QB) but that all hinges on pursuit of Mike Glennon (QB) -- If Glennon takes Bears money they likely go in different direction, could see trade down and draft Mike Williams (WR) to replace Alshon 

FA Focus: Terrelle Pryor (WR) -- Stephen Gilmore (CB) and Mike Glennon (QB) are very highly regarded in Bears off-season plans. Another player to keep eyes on is A.J. Bouye (CB) who had solid year for Texans



Draft Outlook: Lions will go best available player with #21 overall ' Caleb Brantley (DL) is highly regarded within Lions front office, also John Ross (WR) fastest man in the game could get look if he's sitting on board. Jalen Tabor (CB) could also light up Lions draft room, some NFL scouts are saying he should be top 15 pick.

FA Focus: Alan Branch could help stuff the run (DL) : Logan Ryan (CB) is one of Lions top targets this FA season : Jabaal Sheard (DE) ' Perry Riley (ILB) could also get interest from Detroit



Draft Outlook: Needing major defensive upgrades look for CB Gareon Conley :: Jalen Tabor (CB) ::

Adoree' Jackson (CB) :: Charles Harris (DE/OLB) also could be on radar ...

FA Focus: Prince Amukamara / Morris Claiborne / Dre Kirkpatrick (CB's) are targets to help that secondary.

Jabaal Sheard (DE) could be sleeper in free agency.

Trade Focus: Add Packers to list of teams pursuing (CB) Trumaine Johnson, much needed position on that defense.


Draft Outlook: Vikings looking for OL and RB help in 2nd RD (No 1ST RD Pick) Alvin Kamara (RB) very explosive out of backfield would be steal at 46th overall slot :: D'Onta Foreman is another option in 2nd RD :: Forrest Lamp (G/C) would provide much needed OL versatility.

FA Focus: (OL) Russell Okung talks starting with Vikings + (OG) T.J. Lang is on radar :: Nick Mangold could draw interest (C) he's still not willing to move positions just yet:: (WR) Terrance Williams / Kendall Wright are solid 3rd receiver options that are on radar.

**UPDATED RUMORS** (OL) D.J. Fluker's reps are in contact with Vikings... (Giants/Lions/Saints) also involved.

Starting to hear some interest in Perry Riley (LB) and Kiko Alonso another (LB)

Latavius Murray & Eddie Lacy (RB's) both interest Vikings 





NFC South


Draft Outlook: Falcons will take best player on board at #31 overall, Jabrill Peppers (S/LB) has sparked some interest :: Charles Harris (DE/OLB) could slip and Atlanta would pounce. Another wildcard Garrett Bolles (OT) you always need depth on OL.

**UPDATED RUMOR** Dontari Poe (DL) in talks with 3-4 teams including Falcons -- Stay tuned this could break soon.

FA Focus: Sleeping with the enemy? Martellus Bennett is target at (TE) spot, he fits Falcons offense and would make it that much more dynamic. Kevin Zeitler is another target (G) along with Larry Warford (G) 


Draft Outlook: It's no secret that Panthers are looking at upgrading RB position Leonard Fournette is #1 target that likely would need trade up, Dalvin Cook will be available #8 but questions after combine might scare Panthers away.

(CB) Marshon Lattimore is a great backup option at #8 if available. Much needed upgrade after that Josh Norman mistake last year. 

FA Focus: Rumors that Adrian Peterson will get offer from Panthers soon as this week, some say Panthers as top 3 likely destinations for AP. Also interest in Barry Church (S) ' keep eye on Duron Harmon (S) Panthers will monitor market : (LT) Russell Okung / (OL) Matt Kalil both will get pursued :: 


Draft Outlook: Saints need defense (same old story once again) look for interest in Derek Barnett (DE) fits the edge pass rushing need across from Cameron Jordan on DL :: Another option is trading down stock piling picks or taking Taco Charlton who is another pass rushing specialist 

FA Focus: CB's Prince Amukamara & A.J. Bouye are top targets ; also interest in edge rushers Jabaal Sheard / Nick Perry (DE's) : Another offensive line addition is needed Larry Warford / Chance Warmack (OL's) will get looks

Trade Focus: *UPDATE* Saints still looking to unload Brandin Cooks (WR) for multiple picks , Titans - Eagles seem most interested at this time. Patriots also involved but price seems to high.

New teams involved Include Miami Dolphins / Dallas Cowboys both in the mix with Saints.


Draft Outlook: Looks like Tampa Bay is all over (RB) Christian McCaffrey at #19 overall, outside chance (RB) Dalvin Cook slips and Bucs would have choice between the two.. Reuniting Cook & Winston seems interesting to say the least. 

Wild Card Selection : (WR) John Ross has Bucs scouts very interested.. imagine DJax with Ross & Evans

FA Focus: DeSean Jackson to Buccaneers (WR) could be wrapped up pretty fast once FA starts, both parties like the idea of teaming up, now just need to agree on term and $$$ :: Some interest in Adrian Peterson (RB) still no word on how serious TB will get with AP's camp. Another need is (DL) Calais Campbell is one target ' Chris Baker will also get look





NFC East


Draft Outlook: Expect either WR help or DB ' i'm hearing they could pluck John Ross (WR) or Jalen Tabor (CB) also Gareon Conley (CB) has garnered some looks from Boys

Free Agency Buzz: Cowboys will look at Kenny Britt also some interest in Josh Gordon if he has his shit together Jerry is not against giving 3rd/4th chances :: Josh McCown ' Ryan Fitzpatrick for backup (QB) :: Tony Jefferson is name to watch in secondary (S) he's drawing interest from Cowboys ' DeMarcus Ware (DE) reunion is still possible :: (CB) Logan Ryan is dark horse if talks breakdown with Patriots

**UPDATE TRADE RUMOR** Add Cowboys to list of teams trying to work deal for (WR) Brandin Cooks


IBN has learned from sources that Tony Romo and Broncos are ready to get deal done (If Released By Cowboys)

Cowboys keep waiting hoping someone deals for Tony but that process is making Romo's camp unhappy, they want release this week so Elway and Denver can get deal done quickly. 

Source: Once Romo gets his release (Still Pending) he's basically ready to fly to Denver and get contract signed, Elway is willing to get this done now but won't wait if Jerry Jones drags this out and demands trade.

Broncos will move on if that happens.






Draft Outlook: Need that big play TE to get Eli back on track.

Expect David Njoku to get look in 1st RD :: Also need on O-Line Garett Bolles is just what G-Men need (OT)

WildCard: I'm hearing Giants love Pat Mahomes (QB) will they be bold enough to make it happen this early?

Free Agent Focus: Giants are kicking tires on multiple WR's including big name Terrelle Pryor :: Kendall Wright & Kamar Aiken not big names but have some skill and Giants will monitor :: Looking at (TE's) Anthony Fasano ' Jordan Cameron names are buzzing around Giants ' If Martellus Bennett's market dries up don't be shocked if Giants jump in bidding ::

Brandon Marshall (WR) diva has interest in Giants not sure if the feeling is mutual yet. :: Look for G-Men to make move at RB names i'm hearing Latavius Murray / Lacy / Charles (if 100%) :: (OL) Russell Okung is on 5 teams radar including Giants interest is heavy


Draft Outlook: Eagles will love having Mike Williams (WR) + Dalvin Cook (RB) available at #14 ' Corey Davis (WR) is also in mix in 1st RD 

Free Agency Buzz: Making move for either Alshon Jeffery (WR) ' (CB) A.J. Bouye is high on priority list + (CB) Morris Claiborne is fallback in secondary who knows division very well :: Once FA (RB) Jamaal Charles is cleared by doctors expect Philly to be at top of his list.

*UPDATE* (WR) Terrelle Pryor is being discussed and backup plan if Alshon doesn't sign

Trade Buzz: Trumaine Johnson (CB) talks with Rams are currently happening, price needs to come down for Eagles. Continued talks with Saints involving (WR) Brandin Cooks some reports that New Orleans dropped price tonight. 

Kenny Britt (WR) is also now being discussed as possible addition in Philly


Draft Outlook: Look for some defense in 1stRD (LB) Zach Cunningham is option and Hasson Reddick (LB) who's shooting up most draft boards. 

Wild Card: Once DeSean bolts they need to replace that speed ... who better than John Ross (WR)

Free Agency Buzz: So many angles with Skins especially if (QB) is needed :: Calais Campbell is on radar (DL) Bennie Logan is top target (NT) + Lawerence Guy could be signed quickly (DL) ' Interest in Cordarrelle Patterson (WR) who could replace Garcon :: Terrance Williams/Marquise Goodwin are both on radar -- Not big names in free agency but still solid list

**UPDATED RUMOR** Redskins in on Dontari Poe (DL) mutual interest things could heat up quick here

Trade Focus: Redskins & Niners are in "Serious" stage in regards to trading Cousins for multiple Picks ' Reps for Cousins want this deal to happen before week is over. Nothing is done just yet, but it's looking very likely deal goes down real soon.







Draft/FA Rumors - AFC Teams


AFC West


Draft Outlook: Looking at (WR) seems like #1 priority and John Ross could be on board ' Romo would love that weapon. Another priority is (TE) O.J. Howard seems like perfect fit.

WildCard: If (RB) Christian McCaffrey is on board maybe his dad's former teammate (Elway) gets himself an impact player in the backfield?

Free Agent Buzz: Interest in bringing back Russell Okung (OL) also talks with (DE) Demarcus Ware ' (OL) T.J. Lang is another target ' Calais Campbell (DL) is top priority on defense, Broncos will have competition :: Danny Woodhead ' Darren McFadden interest Broncos as backup (RB) options :: (OG) Ronald Leary should see offer quickly from Denver once Free Agency starts.


IBN has learned that Tony Romo's #1 destination is Denver, his camp is pushing Jerry Jones to stop holding everyone up. Once Cowboys finally cut Tony loose, Broncos are prepared to pounce. Elway will not wait long, so this needs to get resolved sooner rather than later. 


Draft Outlook: Could see Andy "BBQ" Reid go (QB) here with Deshaun Watson or even DeShone Kizer.

Alex Smith getting up in age, might be time to start grooming new blood.

WildCard: (WR) Corey Davis is big play threat and Maclin / Hill could use some help 

FA Focus: Recently cut (WR) Torrey Smith is generating some buzz around KC :: Need some run stuffers look for Chiefs to monitor market for (DL's) Johnathan Hankins ' Bennie Logan ' Alan Branch :: Brandon Flowers / Nolan Carroll (CB's) could get looks to provide needed secondary depth. 


Draft Outlook: Raiders are real close to having something special, still need to shore up that D-Line.

Caleb Brantley (DT) is option at #24 ' also Jabrill Peppers (LB/S) brings big name, speed, and outstanding raw talent, all qualities that Raiders are known for drafting.

Free Agency Buzz: Keep hearing Adrian Peterson (RB) wants to wear Silver & Black expect talks to heat up soon :: (LB's) on radar Kevin Minter ' Lawrence Timmons ' Zach Brown :: Top target on defense played with enemy (DT) Dontari Poe would be huge get for Raiders and maybe one of those final Super Bowl pieces :: If Raiders strike-out on Peterson at RB they could be players for Eddie Lacy


Draft Outlook: LA Chargers .. smfh i can't even type LA in front of Chargers w/o feeling some type of way. 

Needs are in secondary and O-Line and best player on board at #7 is either Malik Hooker (SS) or (OT) Cam Robinson, best to grab one of these two if available.

Free Agency Buzz: Looking at (S) Tony Jefferson & Barry Church :: Interest in (WR) Robert Woods ' Kenny Stills ' Michael Floyd if he has his drinking under control :: Chargers want to come away with one of these (OL's) Russell Okung and Andrew Whitworth are top choices -- Ricky Wagner is fallback option



AFC North


Ravens involved with Johnathan Hankins 

**SIGNING UPDATE** Tony Jefferson is locked in (S) deal announced tmrw


Draft Outlook: Bengals Joe Mixon interest


Draft Outlook: Browns should make the pick right now Myles "Da Freak" Garrett #1 overall no need for anyone talking up other players. With #12 pick i could see Marlon Humphrey (CB) or (WR) Mike Williams if Pryor bolts. Could see Browns take (RB) Joe Mixon if he's on board later in draft.

WildCard: Trade up from #12 spot and snag (QB) Mitch Trubisky, he's the best QB in draft why not walk away with best Defensive player and top QB ?? It's the Browns so we should see some fireworks either way, also trading #12 pick is still option and we know a certain 5 time Super Bowl winning head coach is lurking with his backup QB available. 

Free Agency Buzz: Browns like Kamar Aiken (WR) also interest in Torrey Smith & Ted Ginn :: (S) Johnathan Cyprien is top target on defense also interest in (OG) Kevin Zeitler who the HC is familiar with :: (CB's) Logan Ryan and Dre Kirkpatrick both on radar since Browns have money to spend.

**UPDATE** Browns starting to look at  (S's) Tony Jefferson and Duron Harmon

Trade Buzz: Still interest in Pats (QB) Jimmy Garoppolo but price is still little rich for Cleveland's blood. Talks with Rams about (CB) Trumaine Johnson is heating up, Browns are in mix


Steelers involved have serious interest in (CB) Dre Kirkpatrick ' (CB) Morris Claiborne ' (CB) Prince Amukamara should be able to come away with one of these guys if aggressive. 





AFC South


Texans have some interest in Prince Amukamara and Kayvon Webster (CB's)


Colts involved heavy with (CB) A.J. Bouye sweepstakes ' (DL) Calais Campbell on radar, also (OL) Kevin Zeitler 


Jags involved with Calais Campbell / Tony Jefferson / T.J. McDonald 

**UPDATED SIGNING** (S) Barry Church signs on for 4 years


Titans talking with Dont'a Hightower ' Alshon Jeffery + Brandin Cooks trade talks heating up again (Saints) 

(CB) A.J. Bouye has 4-5 teams aggressively pursuing , Titans are in mix.



AFC East



Draft Outlook: Bills are in prime position for teams looking to trade up if they choose that route. 

(WR) Mike Williams will get serious look from Bills at #10 also (OT) Cam Robinson is on radar.

Wild Card: Marshon Lattimore is best CB in draft if he drops to #10 Bills will have to think hard..

FA Focus: Bills have needs at WR look for talks with Kamar Aiken and Kenny Britt :: Interest in (DL) Bennie Logan and Dominique Easley

**UPDATED SIGNING** (FB) Mike Tolbert gets deal in Buffalo nice move and keeps Jets from getting the Vet

**BREAKING NEWS** Source: Bills Front Office has finally decided to keep Tyrod Taylor (QB). 

Barring any last minute snags announcement will be made public in next 48 hours. 

Some initial interest in (CB) Trumaine Johnson (lot of competition) price seems steep as of now. 


Draft Outlook: Dolphins need some help on defense, Taco Charlton or Charles Harris (DE's) could be that pass rushing answer on other side of Wake. 

WildCards: Tre'Davious White or Jalen Tabor (CB's) deep draft for corners but these two could start opening day.

FA Outlook: Dolphins want to re-sign Andre Branch deal looks close :: Other fallback solid options (DE's) Chris Long / Devin Taylor / Rob Ninkovich :: Looking for Vet WR help Torrey Smith / Brandon LaFell and even Victor Cruz could get some heat in South Beach :: O-Line help at guard position Kevin Zeitler is top priority / Larry Warford is on radar but list of teams involved is deep :: LB Zach Brown is player Dolphins covet

Secondary help is needed (CB's) Micah Hyde / Captain Munnerlyn could provide some depth

**UPDATED TRADE RUMORS** Dolphins are now kicking tires on (WR) Brandin Cooks ' could be option if Stills bolts.


Draft Outlook: Bill always takes best available player since Patriots are usually at bottom of 1st RD or trades down smartly building depth. Could see Pats go (TE) if they keep pick David Njoku or (LB) T.J. Watt who seems like perfect Patriots fit.

WildCard: If this guy is sitting on board (LB/S) Jabrill Peppers, maybe Bill can't resist the value + talent to pass him up.

Free Agency Buzz:  Adrian Peterson (RB) mutual interest if he's willing to give huge price break.

Trade Focus: Jimmy G (QB) is kinda available but i doubt Belichick trades him for anything less than top 40 pick in this years draft. Browns make sense if it happens


After all the early big name cuts (Mangold/Revis/Marshall) Jets don't look finished (Decker/Skrine/Gilchrist) all could become victims of the pink slip soon.

Draft Focus: Some buzz about trading out of #6 spot trying to stockpile picks.

Interest in Leonard Fournette (RB) and Malik Hooker (S) if they decide to stay at #6

FA Focus: Tony Jefferson (S) : Dre Kirkpatrick (CB) : Kevin Minter (LB) : Johnathan Hankins (NT) all on radar :: (FB's) Marcel Reese & Mike Tolbert making some noise in regards to interest from Jets :: (OL) Help needed so expect talks with Brian Schwenke :: (TE) Anthony Fasano and Luke Wilson will get looks :: Nick Perry (LB) is familiar with some Jets coaches he's top target on defense

Trade Possibility: Sheldon Richardson is very available and could interest multiple teams closer to draft day.

Some buzz on (CB) Trumaine Johnson from Rams nothing hot yet but they have reached out to Rams


More updates as they develop

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