NFL Teams Potential FA Targets



NFC West

Cardinals trying to upgrade OL specifically (C) position.

Ryan Kelly (C) - Alabama ' Cody Whitehair (G/C) should get long looks from Cards if avail at #29 in 1st RD

**29th Overall Pick: (DE) Robert Nkemdiche**


After trading up for #1 pick we all know it's QB , but the mystery is which QB?

​Jared Goff should be the selection here (QB) - California 

**1st overall selection: (QB) Jared Goff**


One of the suspected active teams that can turn this draft upside-down.

I have them taking Ronnie Stanley (OT) - Notre Dame 

Kaepernick still looks to be possibly on the move, i could see that Broncos - Niners long rumored deal finally happening.

 *WILDCARD SELECTION* If Niners get rid of Kap don't be surprised they pull trigger on (QB) Paxton Lynch

**7th Overall Pick: (DL) DeForest Buckner**

**28th Overall Pick: (OL) Joshua Garnett **



With the loss of pass-rusher Irvin , my expectations are they need some speed on outside.

If avail (DE) Robert Nkemdiche makes some sense in 1st RD (maybe even trade up if needed)

If they go elsewhere i could see Vernon Butler (DT) or trade out of 1st RD

**26th Overall Pick: TRADED TO BRONCOS **

**31st Overall Pick: (OL) Germain Ifedi **



NFC North

Had some interest in Mo Wilkerson (Jets) DL stud that's avail for trade. 

Losing Forte hurts, but how bad? Ezekiel Elliot (RB) or Shaq Lawson (DE) seem to be two favs here

**9th Overall Pick: (LB) Leonard Floyd **



Lions have holes at WR and DT must grab best avail player on defense in my opinion.

Have heard they really like Sheldon Rankins (DT) from Louisville.

Jarran Reed (DT) and the rising Darron Lee (LB) both on radar for Lions

**16th Overall Pick: Taylor Decker **


Several needs for Packers some on offense but nobody at #27 really jumping at unless player slips

Jonathan Bullard makes some sense (DT) ' Corey Coleman (WR) if he slips also could be interesting choice to bolster offense

Packers are in prime position for teams that are sniffing around if (QB) Paxton Lynch is still on board (Trade out of 1st for GB)

**27th Overall Pick: (DT) Kenny Clark **


Vikings need to upgrade that offense especially at WR 

Whispers around Minny seems to be pointing towards Laquon Treadwell (WR) and Josh Doctson (WR)

**23rd Overall Pick:(WR) Laquon Treadwell **



NFC South

With Shaq Lawson off the board i fully expect Falcons to go (LB) Darron Lee if he's still avail at #17

**17th Overall Pick:(S) Keanu Neal **


Drafting this late in 1st round usually means you either trade out and stack picks for day 2  or take best avail player.

William Jackson (CB) can get look here from Panthers after Norman was thrown off the ship

**WILDCARD** Robert Nkemdiche (DE) if he drops this far which is doubtful

**30th Overall Pick: Vernon Butler**


Saints are high on (LB) Shaq Lawson but he could be gone to Bears or Giants

Next guy they like is Sheldon Rankins (DT)

**WILDCARD** If (CB) Vernon Hargreaves is still on the board expect Saints to think long and hard

**12th Overall Pick:(DT) Sheldon Rankins **


Some are speculating that Joey Bosa could slip to #9 if Jags look elsewhere, if that happens Bucs will pounce.

Leonard Floyd (DE/OLB) seems like the best fit here for Bucs, would be smart safe pick at #9

**9th Overall Pick: TRADED TO BEARS**

**11th Overall Pick:(CB) Vernon Hargreaves**



NFC East

Highest pick in 1st rd (#4 overall) for Cowboys in years, they must hit homerun with this selection.

Joey Bosa (DE) was the early favorite here at #4 , that no longer seems in the cards for Jerry and his Cowboys.

The selection here has to be Jalen Ramsey (CB) dude can dominate and cover, in this division it's exactly what is needed. 

**WILDCARD** If Jags snag Ramsey at #3 i could see Cowboys trading down 

**4th Overall Pick: (RB) Ezekiel Elliott**


Monster off-season so far from the G-Men, can it continue draft day?

Buzz all around the tonight that Giants are planning to take (RB) Ezekiel Elliot or (OT) Jack Conklin 

**WILDCARD** Trade down and take (WR) Treadwell and have two game breaking WR's

**10th Overall Pick: (CB) Eli Apple**


No secret here they are taking QB that Rams don't take..... that was easy

Carson Wentz (QB) welcome to Philly brother, good luck 

Bradford not likely to be traded so we can end that speculation.

**2nd overall Pick: (QB) Carson Wentz**


Redskins likely go OL or DL with #21 overall in 1st rd.

I have them snagging Jarran Reed (DT) from Bama if he's on board , also Ryan Kelly (C) could be option

Redskins could look to deal back and still snag one of these guys and bolster depth in later rounds.

**22nd Overall Pick: (WR) Josh Doctson **


Draft Rumors - AFC Teams

AFC West

Broncos could hold the key to (QB) Paxton Lynch's future if he falls into the 20's.

I could see trade for Kaepernick or TRADE up to select Lynch.

**WILDCARD** Trade out of 1st rd and snag QB on day 2 or 3 (Cook/Hackenburg)

**26th Overall Pick: (QB) Paxton Lynch**


Need OL or WR at this spot i have 3 guys in mind.

(WR) Laquon Treadwell ' Corey Coleman (WR) ' Cody Whitehair (G)

**28th Overall Pick: TRADED TO NINERS **


Secondary help is needed and i have Raiders selecting Vernon Hargreaves is he's available.

Other guy they had eyes on all week is Sheldon Rankins (DT) 

Some of the Mo Wilkerson (Jets) trade talk surrounded Raiders making calls and offer. (talks still ongoing)

**14th Overall Pick: (DB) Karl Joseph **


Another team that has to get this high selection right, need to hit grand slam badly.

My selection would be the best (OT) prospect the league has seen in 15-20 years Laremy Tunsil 

Buzz around SD has them taking DeForest Buckner (DE/DT) 

**3rd Overall Pick: (DE) Joey Bosa**



AFC North


Could these Ravens get Laremy Tunsil (OT) if Chargers make mistake and pass on him? YES SIR!

Another possibility that would fit how Baltimore does things is Myles Jack (LB) but injury concerns (Knee) seems to be putting damper on that.

**6th Overall Pick: (OL) Ronnie Stanley **


Team needs WR help for the Red-Head 

Expect WR i know three that they like (Treadwell ' Coleman ' Doctson)

**24th Overall Pick: William Jackson **


Buzz out of Cleveland has three scenarios. RB ' Gamble On Defensive Star ' Trade Down

Could see the best offensive player snagged here (RB) Ezekiel Elliot ' maybe they gamble on Mylez Jack (LB)

**WILDCARD** Trade Down and draft another QB this time it's Paxton "Football" Lynch

**8th Overall Pick: TRADE WITH TITANS**

**15th Overall Pick: (WR) Corey Coleman**

**32nd Overall Pick: **


Steelers need that secondary help and i love Kendall Fuller or William Jackson III 

If Pittsburgh decides to go safety Keanu Neal (S) is a very strong possibility.

**25th Overall Pick: (DB) Artie Burns **



AFC South

They signed the young QB to huge deal so it makes sense to get him another weapon at WR

William Fuller (WR) from Notre Dame also Corey Coleman (WR) sounds decent to pair with DeAndre Hopkins

**21st Overall Pick: (WR) William Fuller**


This team needs to protect the franchise QB, no excuses for having Luck run for his life again this coming season

Taylor Decker (OT) should be high on the board ' Germain Ifedi (OT/G) could get look here 

**WILDCARD** Eli Apple (CB) some in Colts organization believe he has star potential

**18th Overall Pick:(OL) Ryan Kelly **


Jags have choice of taking fierce defensive leader (LB) Myles Jack or (DE) pass rushing beast Joey Bosa 

Looks like (CB) Jalen Ramsey has Jags eye at #3 -- Cowboys will not like that

**WILDCARD** Trade Down maybe with Giants or Bears - some rumors floating late tonight 

**5th Overall Pick: (CB) Jalen Ramsey**


Mo Wilkerson from Jets is still possibility especially with 3 picks in 2nd round as ammunition to get deal done.

Look for OT to be addressed early in this draft, Jack Conklin & Taylor Decker (OT's) seem like players of interest

**WILDCARD** Trade Down and still snag OT and helps gain more picks for Mo Wilkerson or another trade.

**8th Overall Pick: (OT) Jack Conklin**



AFC East

Bills have eyes on defense, with Rex Ryan coaching you already knew the deal.

Jarran Reed (DT) looks like real possibility ' Reggie Ragland (ILB) fits Rex's scheme 

**WILDCARD** Robert Nkemdiche (DE) Rex loves this kid and could make push with front office to take chance 

**19th Overall Pick: (DE) Shaq Lawson **


CB's are needed in South Florida, i like two for Miami if still on the board when #13 comes up

Vernon Hargreaves III (CB) would be the best bet here (Raiders fans not liking that) '  Eli Apple (CB) has some heat in this spot 

**13th Overall Pick: (OT) Laremy Tunsil **


Don't get deflated Pats fans, no 1st rd pick because that jackass commissioner is just a small bump in the Belichick gameplan

Derrick Henry (RB) from Alabama seems like day 2 value pick from Bill ' need some OL day 2 could see Le'Raven Clark (OT/G) go late 


It's all about the Mo Wilkerson watch these next 18-20 hours.

**UPDATE** Three offers all 3rd rd picks made yesterday (Saints/Raiders/Niners) all three made offers

Titans are still monitoring and have most ammunition to get deal done.

1st Rd pick could go in several directions for Jets (If Mo is traded) look for defense Vernon Butler (DT) has some Wilkerson qualities.

If jets can't get deal completed for Mo look for OL or WR/CB.

One name i keep hearing is Jason Spriggs (OT) also Jets are high on (CB) Eli Apple not sure he gets to #20 though 

WR that could sneak up on people is William Fuller (WR) 

**WILDCARD** Trade down and draft QB's Paxton Lynch OR Cardale Jones or use added picks for depth on OL/LB

**20th Overall Pick:(LB) Darron Lee **


More updates as they develop

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