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All have become verbs we use in our daily lives. 

Indian luger Shiva Keshavan faces an uphill battle not only to train for the Olympics, but even to carry his country's flag.
The day after the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, in the heart of the Olympic Park, visitors were upbeat. And all the controversies of previous days — stray dogs and unfinished digs — seemed to fall away.
The Sochi Olympics have been criticized for poor preparation, security concerns, and Russia's policies on human and animal rights. The Russians aren't pleased. But host-bashing is a popular pastime.
Will Sochi be a city of super-sized, expensive venues that sit mostly empty in the future? Maybe having different cities host the Olympics doesn't make much sense.
Slopestyle snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg has won the first gold medal in the Sochi Olympics, as the American women's ice hockey team gets off to a good start.
Sage Kotsenburg of the United States won the first gold medal of the 2014 Olympics on Saturday, soaring to victory in the men's snowboarding slopestyle final.
The opening ceremonies in Sochi did little to dispel the controversies around the games, even as they served up some of the usual campy pleasures.
Imagery from Russia's recent past – including the hammer and sickle that adorned the flag of the Soviet Union – is seen in the Opening Ceremony of the Sochi Olympics Friday.
The ceremony at Sochi's Fisht Stadium will reportedly be seen by 3 billion people worldwide. The epic spectacle could wash away many of the concerns and complaints that marked the early days of the games.