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My name is George Kenny and I graduated from St. John's University with a Sports Management major and a Business minor. I started my own sports blog called Tough Love Sports a few months back because I love sports and love to write about them. I'm from NY so I unfortunately I root for the Mets, Jets, Knicks, St. Johns and Notre Dame.

The ending wasn't what the Ducks wanted especially with Marcus Mariota leaving for the NFL. Can the Pac-12 get a team back?

<span style="\\\\\\\\&quot;font-family:" georgia,="" \\\\\\\\'times="" new="" roman\\\\\\\\',="" \\\\\\\\'bitstream="" charter\\\\\\\\',="" times,="" serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;\\\\\\\\"="">A lot of people have U$C competing for a playoff spot so let's see what we have.

<span style="\\\\&quot;font-family:" georgia,="" \\\\'times="" new="" roman\\\\',="" \\\\'bitstream="" charter\\\\',="" times,="" serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;\\\\"="">The Big 12 got the shaft last year when the playoffs came around. The Big 12 doesn't have a title game which hurt both TCU and Baylor last year. It came down to those two teams last year and it should be the same again this year. The game last year between these two was amazing and we can only hope it's half as good this year.

Another week closer to the start of the college football season. This week will be the Big 10 preview. There aren't a lot of great teams in the Big 10, but they do have the defending National Champs, so can Ohio State repeat?

This season there has been an unheard of amount of top prospects getting the call from their major league teams. It seems the guys calling the shots in the front offices said "Fugg it", and gave the kids a chance. Earlier in the season it looked as if the top rookie honor was a two-horse race between Kris Bryant and Joc Pederson. However, both have cooled off big time, and that has allowed a few other players to creep back into the race. So what I'm going to do is give you my totally scientific and professionally calculated odds for each ROY candidate in the National League.

The fantasy baseball season is coming closer and closer to the playoffs. It's time to make your push and that push might just come from some of the young guys. This year has been the year of the call-up with so many top guys getting the call. Many of those call-ups have helped their clubs and yours. It's time to make a move and maybe one of these youngsters could give you the boost to get in and make a run at the title.

The 2015 NBA Draft is Thursday night, and it has a few storylines brewing. The big talk is mostly at the top of the draft with some teams really not having a solid choice. The T-Wolves have already come out and said Towns is their man, but after that, it's where things get weird. From #2 to pick #10 things can get a little chaotic, but after that the waves should settle a bit.

So here's the deal, I'm no expert on high school and college ball players from across the country. I don't travel coast to coast scouting these kids, and I don't claim to have any inside knowledge. However, I read up on reports and rankings and mock drafts in the months leading up to the draft, and I am in a fantasy keeper league where we actually draft these prospects into our own farm systems. So I know the players, and I'm aware of their strengths and weaknesses. On Monday I watched the first few rounds of the draft, and for the most part things went according to plan. There was a huge run on shortstops, a few guys fell (more on that in a bit), and like usual it was mostly uneventful. Boring isn't the right word for the draft, but there is a reason why like 38 people watch this thing. In this post I'm going to simply give my two cents on some of the events, and a little insight into some of the prospects taken.

Drafted Leo Williams and Devin Smith to be playmakers on both sides of the ball. They grabbed Bryce Petty as a long-term QB option in the 4th round, and traded a 7th rounder for RB Zac Stacy in a no lose situation. Hope is everywhere among Jets faithful that this could be a break through year.

There were three teams in this year's draft that I loved with what they did. They did a great job of hitting needs while getting some big time talent. Maybe not as good as Kevin Costner and his Browns draft class, but hey it's Kevin Costner he does it all (Water World, Tin Cup, Billy Chapel, and many more). It was a great weekend, but it's sad that it's over. Now we will have to wait and see how good these guys can be.

Winston coming for that #1 spot

ITS DRAFT DAY!!!!! I don’t know how I’m suppose to concentrate at work all day when we are only hours away from the 2015 NFL Draft. If you missed the first three mocks, make you take a glance at them. To help not concentrate at work and concentrate on the Draft, here is my last mock draft.

Every year there are a bunch of players that help to stock and rise up draft boards. They either have awesome combines or pro days or GMs love their interviews. Also scouts look at tape over and over again so something's may be missed the first time. Whatever it is there always is this group. This year there are few that we will talk about and the fastest risers come draft day.

1.0 - 2.0These mocks are really nothing more then guesses, but still extremely fun for draft nerds like me. Enough talk and on to mock draft 3.0!!

The American League Central should be a fun race this year, as 4 of the 5 teams are good enough to take the title (sorry Twins' fans).  In 2014 the Tigers won the division, but the Royals ended up turning their Wild Card berth into an AL Pennant. The Tribe won 85 games, and look to take the next step this season. The White Sox won the offseason, and turned themselves into a legit contender in just one offseason. The Twins have a loaded farm system, and help will be arriving in 2015, but it won't be enough to save this season. Let's dive in as I predict the 2015 standings, and preview each team's lineup and rotation. 

The American League West was led by a 3 headed monster last year, as the Angels, A's, and Mariners all finished with 87 wins or more. The Angels actually won 98 games, but couldn't turn that into a World Series appearance. The Mariners were the odd man out, finishing 1 game behind the A's for second place, and barely missing a Wild Card berth. The Angels have returned mostly the same team, however the A's and Mariners have made some major moves, some positive and some negative. The shake up in Oakland and Seattle should change the landscape of this division race, and don't forget the improving Astros, who would love to throw their hat into the ring. With all that in mind, here is my 2015 predictions for the AL West:

Mock 1.0<span georgia,="" \\\\\\\\'times="" new="" roman\\\\\\\\',="" \\\\\\\\'bitstream="" charter\\\\\\\\',="" times,="" serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;\\\\\\\\"="" style="line-height: 1.6em;">) some things have changed. Lets get it kicked off;

It's finally here, March Madness is here and I can't wait! The bracket is loaded with talent and intriguing squads. The undefeated Wildcats come in as the #1 overall team, no big shock there. They are without a doubt the odd on favorites to win it all, but we want to talk about some sleeper teams. Below will show a sleeper that can make some noise in this year's tournament from each region;

<span style="\\\\&quot;color:" rgb(45,="" 45,="" 45);="" font-family:="" opensans,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 16px;="" line-height:="" 24px;="" -webkit-tap-highlight-color:="" rgba(0,="" 0,="" 0);\\\\"="">The East is undergoing a changing of the guard, with Washington establishing itself as the dominate team in the division. For basically 2 decades the Braves or Phillies have won the division, with only a few exceptions. That isn't the case now, with the potential juggernaut Nationals at the top, and the young upstart Mets and Marlins behind them. The former top dogs are in full rebuild mode in Philly and Atlanta. I'll be honest, as a Mets fan nothing will make me happier than seeing the Phillies and Braves battling for last place all season. Here's how I see this division standings for 2015:

The 2014 season saw the Cardinals win 94 games, and win the division by 6 games.  The Pirates made the playoffs as a wild card team, but lost the one game playoff to the eventual World Series Champs.  The Brewers were the only other team to finish above .500 in the Central, as the Reds and Cubs sloshed their way to poor seasons.  This year, I think the 2-5 spots in this division can finish in any order.  The Cubies added Jon Lester, Dexter Fowler, and Miguel Montero, not to mention the surplus of power hitting prospects ready to step up.  Milwaukee basically kept the same team intact, and with a few surprises could build on their 82-80 finish from 2014.  Cincinnati made some questionable trades, but healthy and productive seasons from Joey Votto and Jay Bruce could really boost the Reds.  Let's walk the plank and jump into the predictions:
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Hey baseball fans, the calendar tells me its March, so that must mean spring is in the air! Could have fooled me, because Indiana is could as shit right now, but Arizona and Florida look good as ever.  Spring games have just gotten underway, so its time for us to kick off our divisional previews. The NL West is first, and that division might have had more turnover than any other in the league this winter. Lets jump in with my 2015 projected standings: