LeBron James coming back home.
posted Jul 10 2014, 04:47PM
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Hero or Coward? You’ll be the judge. But regardless of your take on LeBron James and his future, IBN takes you step by step what really went down.

The party in south beach is officially over. The "Big 3" era has ended after being defeated in the NBA Finals by the San Antonio Spurs. The result? Not one .. but only two NBA championships for the Heat. Why? Because basketball’s biggest star is now headed home with an entire state waiting for him to finally bring that championship back to Cleveland. 

Can we blame him? Some say Yes. We can. Because the “KING” is leaving Miami for the same reason he betrayed his hometown Cavaliers four years ago. He didn't use the TV show and dump his ex-team in Miami in front of millions of people but the reasons … well … They are the same. Miami has watered down talent and LeBron finds himself in a position where he is the only reason why the Heat would possibly have any chance of making the NBA Finals next year, which they probably would lose again to the much deeper rosters of the Western Conference.

Wade isn’t what he used to be, the bench is horrific and so on (Granger excites nobody). The Heat drafted Shabazz Napier thinking that would please the "King" and help get him back? Doesn’t matter. LeBron had to bail. LeBron will play with Kyrie, Wiggins, Waiters and heck even Anthony Bennett to form the first team with four #1 overall picks in the city he ditched four years ago. The objective here? Win championships and try to become Cleveland’s hero aka the man who will break the championship drought that the city endured since forever and ever.

Of course, mainstream media types all over (you know who) are all trying to take bows after they supposedly broke biggest story in NBA since, well 4 years ago (the decision) but if you are an IBN supporter, you already know what’s up. And you know it because Pregame Steam broke the news for you that LeBron wouldn’t be back in Miami a week ago. You heard it right : A WEEK AGO.

You also knew earlier than that when Incarcerated Bob warned every Heat fan that the party was over and that LeBron had only Cleveland in mind.

Heck, we could even go back to a year ago when Bob knew this was all in the work. (Of course, we underestimated LeBron’s lack of loyalty for the team that gave him two rings )

Hero or coward? You’ll be judge. But when you see all the major outlets trying to take credit for who broke one of the biggest signings in NBA Free Agency history and pounding their chest, just direct them here. The timelines don’t lie folks. IBN was all over it for months!

Incarcerated Bob
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