The Real David Purdum Exposed (Incarcerated Bob Vindicated)
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The story on how jealousy and a personal vendetta led to a "reporter" circulating a story filled with lies and hearsay to try and discredit the name of IBN. 


David Purdum claims "Incarcerated Bob" is Louis Mendez a 51 year old man .. Does this sound like a mid-age latino man? So Bob is doing ESPN shows while in jail now? The man Mr Purdum claimed was Bob was actually in jail (Confirmed by documented NYS jail records) while this interview was being conducted. Seems once again Mr Purdum did a half ass / con job to his readers.




David Purdum has gone to great lengths to try and move readers and viewers away from Incarcerated Bob and those associated with IBN, but before we divulge into Purdum's dubious allegations let us find out who this David Purdum really is.

Purdum is a man who will do anything to get some attention and notoriety. Purdum is the same individual who helped establish the fraudulent and mysterious Sarah J. Phillips character while he conspired with in attempting to scam gamblers and also gain their trust with a fraudulent figure (Google Sarah Phillips Scam) you will see David actually was the person who told covers to hire Sarah J. Phillips. Most believe in the industry that David Purdum was the person behind the Twitter account the whole time, also the reason why he abruptly quit his job as a losing gambler at

One source at said the following "Put one and one together, the bosses knew David was Sarah but admitting that would kill future business at the site. Everyone agreed to go separate ways"

That wasn't the only secret identity Purdum unveiled over the years. Purdum himself hid behind several monikers, while writing for Yes, the same that has been involved in its own fair share of deceitful practices over the years. Allegedly, Purdum was well aware and apart of many of the shenanigans occurring at Covers


Purdum made several erroneous declarations about Randizzle and Bob's identities. Purdum claims that either Randizzle or Incarcerated Bob are actually really Louis Mendez, a 51-year-old prior felon from Elmhurst, New York. Neither Incarcerated Bob nor Randizzle have ever resided in Elmhurst or Elmont, NY.

Purdum alleges he gathered this evidence via Bob's LinkedIn page; however, Bob's page cannot be accessed unless you are a “connection” of his, and since Purdum is not in Bob's network than how did he determine this information ? (Note: On Twitter there are several fake Incarcerated Bob accts) Did Purdum really fabricate facts to make his story seem more plausible? Or was his “investigative” reporting so well-founded that he used a fake Incarcerated Bob LinkedIn page to make his astute discovery or does Elmont have only one residence named Louis Mendez? Good work, David, you found some page that had Elmont on it so it had to be the connection between Louis Mendez and Bob... Not so fast my friend (Keep reading it gets better)

But let's get back to this whole Louis Mendez thing. Purdum stated Mendez had three previous criminal filings, most recently in 2001. Interestingly enough, Mendez was jailed from June 2, 2011 until September 8, 2011 after being charged with the criminal sale of a controlled substance, which is a third degree felony. This info was very easily attainable for anyone trying to do a "credible" story. David, you claim to be an investigative reporter but you did NO investigating. Sherlock Holmes you are not.. Maybe Sarah Phillips, but not a great investigator.

IBN learned from Mendez' attorney, Joseph Megale, that this claim was also inaccurate. 

Louis Mendez (51 Years Old) was jailed from June 2, 2011 - September 8th, 2011 with no bail hold. This means he could not get out on bail until he served his sentence in Nassau County. 

Here is an invoice for Mr. Mendez from his attorney. (Notice the date on the bottom left corner and the case #93A4869). Please call if you looking to confirm a piece of evidence or, at the very least, do a thorough background check, you know, like a legitimate reporter would do.


(click the image to see it full size)

For those still unsure if this Louis Mendez character is really Randizzle or Incarcerated Bob then consider this: how is it conceivable that both Randizzle and Bob were freely tweeting and handicapping during the time period when Mendez was behind bars? (June 2, 2011-September 8, 2011)

CNBC Interviewed Bob for gambling story and they actually did name check unlike Mr. Purdum

Here is a post from June 2, 2011 from Randizzle:

Here is another one from the very next day (June 3, 2011):

And from the next day (June 4, 2011):

And another (June 6, 2011):


I am not sure how familiar Mr. Purdum is with the New York Department of Corrections, Nassau County, to be exact, but inmates do not have around the clock access to the internet and Twitter, while completeing a jail sentence.



Purdum also mentioned that he reached out to those who purchased picks to come forth to discuss their dealings with IBN handicappers such as Randizzle, claiming “there were a couple of positive responses from bettors who said they made money.” Just a couple?



Professional athlete goes on record about his dealings with IBN as a pick service 

Here is a portion of an interview between myself and an active professional athlete.

Note: This athlete does not bet on his respective sport. Also, he only wanted his initials posted for obvious reasons. I did a check on the interviewee, and the athlete was confirmed to be on an active professional roster, at the time of the interview.


KP: How long have you known Incarcerated Bob?

JB: I found out about him through Twitter and started following about 4-5 months.

KP: What handicappers do use at IBN?

JB: I just use Bob's picks. They got some pretty good guys over there, but I just talk to Bob. He's pretty good at what he does.

KP: How long have you been getting picks from him?

JB: A few months now. I liked what I saw from his picks that were on Twitter. I got in contact with him and now we talk all the time. I trust his opinion and his record speaks for itself, so I'm confident when he tells me make a play.

KP: How frequently do you place a wager?

JB: At least once a day, but it depends on what Bob is telling me to play and how he feels and his confidence in the pick.

KP: What sport(s) do you usually bet?

JB: Just whatever is in-season. I haven't been able to get in on football yet, but I will when the season starts.

KP: Overall, are you up money or down money since using IBN's picks?

JB: Definitely up money. I'm happy with what I've made, and don't expect any different going forward.

KP: What's Bob ask for in terms of payment for his picks?

JB: Nothing. We'll text each other, but he's never asked for a penny.

KP: Have there been any shady or unusual occurrences?

JB: No. Nothing at all. He's a real straight forward guy. We talk about sports and different things, but never anything out of the ordinary.

KP: Does Bob's picks have credibility with other athletes?

JB: Yea, definitely. My buddies have checked out his picks and I told them about Randizzle, too. So, now that's where they get their picks from.


So Bob is a scam artist, but he doesn't ask for a cent from wealthy athletes that profit off his sports picks? That does not appear to make much sense. What kind of a scam is that? Most in the picks industry would call Bob a fool for not getting money from an athlete for winning picks, might be time for that famous hashtag #THINKONIT    


Purdum also made the assertion that Big East Profit was another of Bob's Twitter handles on the basis of (get ready for it): using the same hash tag.

So, based on that logic, all of these accounts must also be handled or connected to Bob then too, correct?

Purdum also appears to be under the assumption that in the world of gambling, if one capper supports another capper who happens to be employed with another service (BigEastProfit is not on the IBN Site) then they are supposed to agree on every game.

That's especially peculiar, considering Purdum's a vocal proponent of both and, which have selected numerous picks on the opposite side of games. Specifically, over their last 200 plays from both sites there were 41 instances where two or more handicappers have been on opposite sides of a specific game, meaning they played both sides of the contest. Why no report or mention of that?

The omission of this fact can likely be attributed to Purdum's close ties and business relationship with these websites.

Another point in Purdum's article that should be highlighted is in reference to Bob "being someone else." He went so far as to say that Incarcerated Bob and one of his handicappers, the well-known and respected Richard "Wildcat" Witt (@Wildcat_Fatcat) were the same person.  Yes, this is the same Richard Witt (LinkedIn profile here) who has been featured in the New York Post (like here) and has been one of the most respected cappers in the industry for years.

Just for the record (and for those who would ask that question) the @Wildcat_Fatcat account was made by Witt (@rich_witt1 for his usual account) himself at the launch of the website solely for IBN Sports Wrap for better communication with future clients. Proof ?

As you might have seen in the New York Post article written by our own Richard Witt, this is the same Twitter account linked at the bottom of the page. According to Purdum's statement, we faked the profile of a long time capper, New York Post columnist (amongst other things) just to scam people and make money. If Witt's identity was not real, wouldn't he have acknowledged that since the launching of IBNSportswrap since he is one the website's featured cappers?

Do we need to say anything else? This is once again an accusation without any kind of proof from Purdum.


The real motive behind David Purdum's agenda driven article:

Purdum is paid to steer and tweet favorably about RJ Bell's site (, DonBestSports and PayneInsider. Note: this is the same RJ Bell that has employed known scammers (he also never made some cappers document picks, until finally caving in 6 years after starting his picks site).

Well, let us remember this is the David Purdum who set the now infamous Sarah J. Phillips fiasco in motion, which led to his subsequent separation from “A tweet I sent out announcing that I was stepping away from managing the @CoversSports Twitter feed while the SJP backlash was ongoing made the company look bad, I was told" Purdum explained on Twitter upon stepping down. Yes David, maybe because you were controlling Sarah Phillips' fraudulent account, at one point. 

So, why is an upstanding sports writer like Purdum, who has demonstrated such high ethical and moral standards over the years, affiliating himself with RJ Bell?

Well, the same reason he hid behind a fake moniker for several years: in the pursuit of money.

This is why Purdum has shifted his energy and attention to IBN in an attempt to conduct an “interview,” but instead produced an article with no factual basis, and littered with rumors and hearsay.

IBN has learned from one source that DonBest has paid David over $7,000 in the past year to steer followers to their website.

Another source who works closely with RJ Bell and confirmed that both Purdum and handicapper Todd Fuhrman were paid by Pregame to dig up dirt on Incarcerated Bob and his associates.

IBN was able to obtain an email from an individual known as "Keith" who said he was asked to provide info damaging the credibility of IBN cappers, mainly Randizzle, by two competing services @PayneInsider and @RJinVegas (RJ Bell). They allegedly offered him $500 because he was a former client of both Randizzle and Mr. Sharp both of which are handicappers on IBN Sports Wrap. Keith is now saying no payments have been made even though he sent the emails to David last week. 

Another IBN source named "Toby" who worked closely with DonBestSports and claims the two entities have combined to pay Purdum in excess of $15,000 to steer gamblers to their respective websites, while PayneInsider has paid Purdum over $6,000 in the last 6 months to do the same. Furham has received funds to steer clients to DonBest and RJ Bell, but the monetary value is unclear, at this time. But as you can see in the next screen, both of those individuals are freely advertising one of our competitor. Coïncidence ? Nope.

IBN's ascension into the mainstream spotlight has sparked fierce and profound jealousy amongst the handicapping community, and recent stories detailing Floyd Mayweather's (Documented Here) betting exploits was the figurative straw that broke the camel's back. The Mayweather story made national headlines, so, Bell and Purdum attempted everything in their power to discredit Incarcerated Bob and those associated with IBN. 

(FYI: Mayweather still has not denied betting on that game, and with all the hoopla surrounding the wager why not just come out and denounce the reports if they are false? Mayweather has had no qualms shooting down big bets in the past so why not refute this one?)    

Ultimately, Purdum is paid and compensated to help several of IBN's competitors generate more followers and IBN's run of success has made that task increasingly challenging. So, Purdum took it upon himself to conduct an “investigative” report to discredit Incarcerated Bob and his associates. This brilliant idea resulted in a horrible, half-ass report by a writer that has been entrenched in countless scandals over the years, but who each time slithers away from taking fault by proclaiming his virtue and playing victim.

And to think all this time all David wanted was an interview.

*Note* Mr. Purdum still has not shown proof that any threats have come from Incarcerated Bob or anyone employed at IBN. Basically, this is just another ploy to slither away from being confronted and called out on his shady affairs, unprofessional writing and lack of proof when conducting his "investigative" reports.

For those of you interested in the SparkNotes version of the situation here is a quick recap:

  • David Purdum made a bold declaration that either Incarcerated Bob or Randizzle, if not both, were really some 51-year felon by the name of Louis Mendez. Unfortunately for Purdum, the mountain of evidence refuting that notion severely diminishes the validity of his claim, the credibility of Purdum as a source.
  • Purdum still has yet to present one legitimate or credible piece of evidence linking Randizzle or Incarcerated Bob to any shady dealings with any entities, yet IBN has produced two such events, which Purdum has been involved with over the past couple years.
  • IBN also debunked Purdum's notion that using the same hashtag means two accounts are run by the same person, quite frankly it means absolutely nothing. This is Twitter, a hashtag is not equivalent to a signature, David. He was really reaching on that claim. A legitimate journalist without an ax to grind would not have resorted to such desperate measures to make a point, especially, with absolute no documented or definitive evidence to back it up.

Finally, Purdum's disdain for IBN led him to spew lie after lie. Louis Mendez angle? Debunked. LinkedIn residence information? Fabricated. Numerous members and former clients, alike, said Randizzle and IBN run a legitimately ran handicapping service, contrary to Purdum's assertions. It appears Purdum should focus on cleaning up RJ Bell's numerous documentation scams at, but that's right, Purdum gets paid to dig up dirt on others.  


If you would like to help with this cause, please pass along this link or tell the story to members of the media—radio, online, TV and print—as well as any inexperienced or experienced sports bettors, so they do not get fooled by another David Purdum one sided, no facts based story, that conveniently help out his crooked picks service buddies.

For more on this story, I can be reached on Twitter @KayvonPadidar

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